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Roundup – 10/12/2018 – New Comprehensive Legislation on Cryptocurrencies in India? & more

New Comprehensive Legislation on Cryptocurrencies in India According to reports by the Indian TV channel Cnbc Tv18, a committee of the Indian government has come up with a recommendation on a legal framework on cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that neither Quartz India nor Cnbc Tv18 could disclose any details on the content of the report, […]

Roundup – 08/12/2018 -Europe’s First ICO Financed Crypto Asset Manager Licensed in France & more

Europe’s First ICO Financed Crypto Asset Manager Licensed in France A French company with the name the Napoleon Group has become the first ICO financed crypto management firm with an official license in Europe. Even more remarkable about it is that the company is not situated in Estonia or other Eastern European states that have […]

Roundup – 13/11/2018 – Venezuela Promotes Petro to OPEC Countries as a Unit of Account & more

Venezuela Promotes Petro to OPEC Countries as a Unit of Account Manuel Quevedo, Venezuela’s petroleum minister, stated that the Petro is part of Venezuela’s program of economic recovery. He further made some confusing statements about the future of Petro in the OPEC states saying that “[w]e will use Petro in OPEC as a solid and […]

Roundup – 11/10/2018 – First 32 MB Blocks, SEC Files Charges against Decentralized Exchange for the First Time & more

First ever 32 MB blocks on the BCH chain Miners have processed the first ever 32 MB blocks on the BCH blockchain yesterday. The block has confirmed successfully more than 166,000 transactions. A few hours later the next four 32 MB blocks were mined. The community celebrated the block creation. Two of these ‘mega blocks’ […]

Roundup – 06/11/2018 – Unknown Token Makes up Large Part of Gas Activity on Ethereum Blockchain

Unknown Token Makes up Large Part of Gas Activity on Ethereum Blockchain An unknown token is responsible for driving up the gas price on the Ethereum network. The token is called Omniscience Dedication Financial. The holder address sends out various amounts of ODF to addresses. According to the Gas monitoring website, The token accounts […]

Roundup 08/10/2018 – Zaif delays $60mn hack compensation & more

Zaif delays customer reimbursement for $60mn hack The management of the Japanese exchange Zaif announced that compensation plans will delay for Zaif. The exchange was hacked mid-September. Zaif’s servers noted an unauthorized access on 14th September. The exchange announced a week later that about $60 million USD in BTC, BCH and MONA were lost. Zaif […]

Roundup: 20/08/2018 – Blockchain law society founded in Seoul, Bitoasis collaborates with supraregional regulators, Venezuela declares XPD official currency

Official Blockchain law society founded in Seoul Judges and law experts in South Korea are forming an association to discuss blockchain, cryptocurrencies surrounding laws and legal issues. They will have their founding meeting on the 24th of August. The association will be open to the public. The first meeting will take place in the Seoul […]

PetroDollar World’s first state-owned Cryptocurrency – good or bad News?

Venezuela launched its own cryptocurrency back in December 2017. But so far it seems, it has only been in its test phase. As only from today on (20th August) the Venezuelan state declared that the Petro is its official currency.  It will coexist with Venezuela’s fiat currency, the Bolivar. But what does that mean for […]

Roundup 17/08/2018 – Petro official currency, UK crack down on crypto, Huobi 5 new partner exchanges

While the socialist rogue state of Venezuela clutches to a straw and adopts crypto, the UK is cracking down on cryptocurrency owners. A proof of being a rogue state itself? Meanwhile, the Chinese exchange Huobi helps its partners in five countries to launch their own exchange with Huobi cloud. Petro becomes official currency in Venezuela […]

Daily Roundup 14th August 2018 – Control Bitcoin or Ban it?

Saudi Arabia officials condemned crypto – but it’s not yet banned Many blogs in the crypto space are currently spreading the rumor that the Saudi Arabian government has banned trading cryptocurrencies. However, that is not true and an exaggeration by different news sites, blogs etc. copying each other without further research. The official statement of […]
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