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Venezuelan President Endorses BTC Wallet On National TV

About two days ago, Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president appeared on national television. However, that is not the big news. He appeared at the state-run TV channel while holding a cryptocurrency hardware storage device. The device is said to be a product of Trezor, a leading wallet supplier worldwide. Word From Trezor The video of […]

Kraken Sells Shares to Small Investors, Russia-Venezuela Trades in Petro? & more

Kraken Started Small-Investor Funding Round Kraken has started a funding round that allows small investors to buy shares of the company. The minimum investment amount lies at $1000. Kraken’s partner in the share offering is Bnk to the Future. The exchange already started a funding round for bigger investors in Q4 2018. The minimum investment […]

Roundup – 15/03/2019 – Venezuela: Volume Plummets Due to Blackout & more

Venezuela: Volume Plummets Due to Blackout The trading volume on for the Venezuelan Bolivar (VES) has plummeted by around 40% this week. The volume has fallen from 25 billion VES (about $6 million) to just 14 billion VES (around $4.250 million). The recent power blackout that went on for a week is likely […]

Roundup – 04/03/2019 – Tether Will Launch on Tron Blockchain in Q2 & more

Tether Will Launch on Tron Blockchain in Q2 Cointelegraph 2019 reported that Tether will run on Tron’s blockchain from Q2 on. Currently, Tether operates on two different blockchains as a token. On the Omni network and on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token. Until now, Tether has not commented this step and it is […]

Roundup – 11/02/2019 – Ontario Securities Commission Started Investigating QuadrigaCX & more

Ontario Securities Commission Started Investigating QuadrigaCX The British Columbia Securities Commission (BSCS) announced last week that it is not going to investigate the case of QuadrigaCX. Their reasoning was that cryptocurrencies do not (yet) fall into the category of securities. Under this condition, however, none of Canada’s financial watchdogs would be responsible for the case. […]

Roundup – 04/02/2019 – RegTech Startup Receives $1.7 Million in Funding Round & more

RegTech Startup Receives 1.7 Million in Funding Round The crypto startup Token Relationship Management (TRM) has received $1.7 million dollars in a funding round. Among the investors are companies like “Blockchain Capital[…] Tapas Capital, Green D Ventures, The MBA Fund, and strategic angel investors”. According to their press release, the startup operates in the RegTech […]

History of Venezuela’s Petro Is Full of Misinformation and Failure

Misinformation #1 – Petro is a NEM token PTR has many things in common with what is known in the crypto space as a ‘shitcoin’. However, the term ‘coin’ had been misleading in this case. At least when the Venezuelan government announced the creation of the Petro. As PTR was originally outlined to be only […]

Roundup – 26/01/2019 – Petro’s Future Unclear, Study Finds PoS Coin Flaws & more

  • By Micha Sprick
  • January 26, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Maduro’s Reign Contested – Petro’s Future Unclear The power struggle in Venezuela is ongoing. The people are on the streets, the opposition contests Maduro’s power and it has a charismatic leader in Juan Guaidó. Meanwhile, the socialist government does not stand still of course. The “colectivos” Maduro’s death squads on motorcycles are reportedly fighting and […]

Roundup – 16/01/2019 – Maduro: Plan to Raise Minimum Wage and Value of Petro & more

Maduro: Plan to Raise Minimum Wage and Value of Petro  Nicolas Maduro announced a ‘new monetary system’ in which Venezuela will raise the value of the cryptocurrency Petro as well as the country’s minimum wage. The minimum wage is set to increase by 300% to 18,000 Bolivar per month, the equivalent of $6.70. However, what […]

Roundup – 10/01/2019 – New CEO for Bitmain as Jihan Wu Resigns & more

  • By Micha Sprick
  • January 10, 2019
  • 1 Comment
New CEO for Bitmain as Jihan Wu Resigns Jihan Wu has recently resigned as the CEO of Bitmain. The biggest crypto mining hardware producer had to layoff a third of its staff, close research facilities in Israel and supposedly has a negative balance sheet for the last two quarters of last year. In addition to […]
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