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Roundup – 18/01/2019 – Russia Denies $10bn Investment Rumours & more

Russia Officially Denies $10bn Bitcoin Investment Rumours  The Russian government has reacted to recent rumours that it would invest “$10 billion” in Bitcoin. Elina Sidorenko, chair of the Duma’s cryptocurrency group, officially denied that there is any truth to the rumour. Sidorenko stated that the Russian Federation “like any other country in the world” is […]

Roundup – 26/10/2018 – Chinese Court Classifies Crypto as Economic Property & more

Chinese court rules owning and transacting cryptocurrencies is legally protected The Shenzhen Court, an arbitration court in China decided that transacting and owning cryptocurrencies is protected by law. The court ruled (Chinese)  that cryptocurrencies have the legal status of economic property. Therefore, the government cannot rule to forbid the trade of cryptocurrencies. However, the People’s Bank […]

Roundup – 22/10/2018 – Mining Issues in Russia & USA & more

Court rules Russian Church to Pay Higher Electricity Fees for Mining A regional court in Russia ruled that a church that apparently mines cryptocurrencies should pay higher electricity fees. Private people in Russia and some organizations like churches pay relatively low electricity fees. This led many individuals to mine cryptocurrencies in private. However, the energy […]

Consensus 2018: Blockchain Technology Summit Appeals to the USA Government to Reach a Conclusion About Cryptocurrency Regulation

At the Hilton Midtown in New York, USA, there were appeals to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the USA (SEC) to conclude that policy formulation processes whose main mandate is to craft a regulatory framework for crypto assets. The SEC, the Congress, House of Representatives’ committee and other Federal and State Institution started a […]