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Who is the Winner of Ledger’s and Trezor’s Recent Dispute?

Ledger attacked Trezor this week in one of their blog post and Trezor promptly responded to the allegations. Both companies mentioned facts and explained their viewpoint. However, to the average reader, the matter might not be very insightful. So who had the better arguments in the end? Ledger’s and Trezor’s “Shared Security” Ledger tried to […]

Roundup – 14/03/2019 – QuadrigaCX Has to Find Another Legal Representative & more

QuadrigaCX Has to Find Another Legal Representative Ernst and Young (EY) the legal monitor of the QuadrigaCX case has found out that the exchange has a conflict of interests with the law firm of the exchange, Stewart McKelvey. EY did not mention any further details of the affair. However, the law firm does no longer […]

Trezor Responds to Ledger’s Vulnerability Allegations

Ledger accused its competitor Trezor yesterday of 5 vulnerabilities, some of which it has not yet fixed We reported yesterday about this in our Daily Roundup. Yesterday, Trezor responded to the allegations with a blog post. Trezor answered to all five vulnerabilities that Ledger accused them of not having fixed. Supply Chain Attack Ledger wrote on […]

Roundup – 12/03/2019 – Ledger Discloses Trezor Vulnerabilites, Canaan Raised Several Hundred Millions? & more

Ledger Discloses 5 Vulnerabilities of Competitor Trezor In their blog post, has disclosed five vulnerabilities of their competitors’ devices Trezor One and Trezor T. Ledger discloses that they contacted Trezor “about four months ago […] to share five vulnerabilities our Attack Lab uncovered.” They further note that “[a]s always, we gave Trezor a responsible disclosure […]

Top 5 Paper Wallets

More and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies by the day. While most people might have a general understanding of the various cryptos available, the whole storage concept can be a little difficult. As you might be aware, cryptocurrencies are stored in wallets, and there are multiple types of these wallets. Some well-known wallets for […]