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Roundup – 12/03/2019 – Ledger Discloses Trezor Vulnerabilites, Canaan Raised Several Hundred Millions? & more

Ledger Discloses 5 Vulnerabilities of Competitor Trezor In their blog post, has disclosed five vulnerabilities of their competitors’ devices Trezor One and Trezor T. Ledger discloses that they contacted Trezor “about four months ago […] to share five vulnerabilities our Attack Lab uncovered.” They further note that “[a]s always, we gave Trezor a responsible disclosure […]

Weekly Growth Of 90% Places ThoreCoin (THR) On The Top 100

Sudden and unexplained growths are common in the Crypto markets. The topmost Digital Tokens have large volumes of daily trade volumes, high market capitalizations, and a high proportion of all Tokens in supply. These factors have an influence on price performance that attracts new Crypto consumers. In this regard, the newest addition to the Cryptocurrency […]