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Roundup – 16/03/2019 – Court Shuts Gatecoin, Thailand’s 1st ICO Portal & more

Court Shuts Gatecoin Unhappy Bitcoin/Ethereum crypto exchange, Gatecoin, has been wound-up on court orders. A turbulent last three years saw the exchange stung in a $20m hack, endure banking freezes and, finally, suffer court-mandated liquidation. In a statement on its website, Gatecoin cited cash-flow woes and blamed its former Payment Service Provider (PSP). Gatecoin says […]

The First ICO Portal Ready For Thailand

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • March 15, 2019
Thailand Cryptocurrency traders have something to celebrate this week after reports emerged that the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the first initial coin offerings (ICOs) portal. The Asian country has been striving to make its Crypto market secure and attractive to local and foreign investors. The latest move is expected to boost […]

Roundup 01/03/2019 – Ethereum Hard Fork ‘Constantinople’ Accomplished & more

Ethereum Hard Fork ‘Constantinople’ Accomplished Ethereum passed the Constantinople upgrade. The upgrade had been delayed for more than a month. It is an important hard fork that tackles the many problems Ethereum faces regardings its scaling qualities. It provides the groundwork for upcoming scaling solutions like sharding, Casper and the Raiden network. Another important update […]

Roundup – 25/02/2019 – Macron Advocates Use of Blockchain in Agriculture & more

Macron Advocates Use of Blockchain in Agriculture The French President Macron has advocated the use of blockchain in the agriculture industry. Macron made the following statement during the 56th Agriculture Fair that opened last Saturday: “Faisons à cet égard de l’Europe, l’avant-garde de la data agricole en développant des outils qui permettront de suivre chaque […]

Roundup – 23/02/2019 – Russia Set Legal Framework to Issue State Cryptocurrency & more

Russia Set Legal Framework to Issue State Cryptocurrency The Russian Duma, the lower house of Russia’s Federal parliament, will reportedly debate and adopt a law on cryptocurrency. Accrding to Igor Yusuf, one of Russia’s retired Energy Ministers, the law will provide a legal basis to create a cryptocurrency. Yusuf speculates that Russia could back the […]

Roundup – 11/01/2019 – Bitcoin Wallet Samourai Removes Security Features Due to Google Policy & more

Bitcoin Wallet Samourai Removes Security Features Due to Google Policy Samourai offered its clients security features like SMS commands, stealth mode and SIM switch defense. Unfortunately, these belong to the past for now. As Google enforces its “Walled Garden” strategy. This is a known policy among tech services that streamlines all content, media and operations […]

Roundup – 12/11/2018 – Activist Stores Anti-Government Song on Zcoin Blockchain & more

Activist Stores Anti-Government Song on Zcoin Blockchain An anonymous user has stored the IPFS link of an anti-government rap song of several Thai rappers. The artists accuse the Thai state of corruption, anti-democratic practices, oppression, robbery and violence. Several of the rappers have to answer before the court for the song. Currently, officials still discuss […]

Roundup – 09/11/2018 – Thailand to Approve Creation of ICO Portal & more

Thailand to Approve Creation of ICO Portal Reportedly, Thailand is going to approve the creation of an officially licensed ICO-portal. Consequentially, the country aims to officially license ICOs that fulfill all the necessary requirements. This regulated approach will end a period of crackdowns and a temporary prohibition in Thailand. eToro Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android and […]

Roundup 21/08/2018 – Bitcoin no environmental Problem, Bitconnect Scammer detained, Central Bank of Thailand defends Crypto

Bitcoin mining no environmental problem according to scientist Katrina Kelly-Pitou, an academic researcher in energy economy and computer engineering at the University of Pittsburgh published an article in which she says that Bitcoin’s much-discussed environmental problem is not really a problem. According to Kelly-Pitou, 30Twh, Bitcoin’s energy consumption is a lot, but it is “not […]

Thailand Allows Seven Crypto Firms To Operate

Thailand has made major strides in regulating the Cryptocurrency sector in the country, with the regulator, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) releasing the names of the seven companies that have been allowed to operate. They include five Cryptocurrency exchanges and two virtual currency dealers. The regulator has also revealed that they are currently […]
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