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Roundup – 29/01/2019 – Tether Moves to Rank 4 On Coinmarketcap.com & more

Tether Moves to Rank 4 On Coinmarketcap.com Tether Has Become the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The stablecoin has overtook EOS’s rank. The current situation is a consequence of the Bitcoin Cash fork in November which seemed to have catalyzed the selloff below the $6000 support on the Bitcoin chart. Bitcoin Cash which ranked […]

Roundup 19/12/2018 – Bloomberg ‘Informant Confirms’ Tether Backed by USD

Bloomberg Confirms Tether’s Backing by USD Bloomberg, the news outlet, reported that Tether is indeed backed by the USD. Allegedly, Bloomberg has an informant inside Tether’s company who has access to the accounts of Tether. The information claims that one account of Puerto Rico’s Noble Bank Ltd. that belongs to Tether had $2.2bn while Tether […]

Roundup – 11/12/2018 – Bitmain Shuts Down Development Center in Israel & more

Bitmain Shuts Down Development Center in Israel Bitmain has to shut-down its development center in Ra’anana, Israel. The center opened just this year. However, the current bear market and the, so far, negative consequences of the hash war for the Bitcoin Cash ABC faction have led to this harsh decision. So far, it is not […]

Roundup – 06/12/2018 – Dominance of Tether Crumbles & more

Dominance of Tether Crumbles Tether’s dominance in the stablecoin market has fallen below the level of 75%. At the beginning of 2018 Tether had dominated the market without any major competitors and made up a 94% share of the market capitalization. TrueUSD, Paxos, Gemini Dollars and USDCoin are all USD-based stablecoins that were created this […]

Roundup – 28/11/2018 – Tether has Relaunched its Fiat-USDT Redemption Service & more

Tether has Relaunched its Fiat-USDT Redemption Service Since more than a year now has Tether’s Redemption Service idle. Now the service has relaunched. However, it is only available for deposits of over $100,000. The reverse option is not available as of now. Tether’s large expansion made it necessary to rely on third party financial service […]

The Fall Out Of Tether Will Influence The Price Of Bitcoin, In The Short-Run

Stablecoin is referred to a model where a Crypto is tied to the value of other assets. The fact that Tether (USDT) has revised its US Dollar backing downwards from the $1 per Tether Coin is already having an impact on other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This is because the Digital Asset plunged to $0.93 […]

Is The Worst Over For Bitcoin?

September the 4th is arguably the worst day for Bitcoin investors. After reports that Goldman Sachs was suspending its Crypto trading desk made rounds, the world’s biggest Digital Currency lost $400 in a matter of hours. It consequently fell below the $7,000 mark and has never recovered fully in the short term. However, over a […]

Bitcoin Gains As Investors Sell Off Tether

After a volatile week of slumps, weak gains, and uncertainties, Bitcoin started the week on a high note with a gain of 9% at one point in Asian markets. At that time, Bitcoin almost crossed the $7,000 mark raising positivism among investors of who have been grappling with depressed gains, volatile prices, and growing government […]

Roundup – New Crypto Regulations in Effect in Norway & more

New crypto regulations in effect in Norway New Financial regulations have gone into effect in Norway today. The Finanstilsynet, the financial authority in Norway, has announced that companies are able to comply with the new regulations until January 15th. The new regulations concern companies that issue ICOs, exchanges and other financial sevice providers that deal […]

Only two gold-backed cryptocurrencies are relevant investment alternatives

In the current bear market that is still going on, stable coins are an interesting alternative to regular cryptocurrencies. But Tether has well-known issues. And if you believe in cryptocurrencies because you think there are fundamental problems within our monetary system, you will likely find that Tether’s rival TrueUSD is not a true alternative as […]
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