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Technical Analysis For Bitcoin And Ethereum

Earlier today, the pair of Bitcoin and Ethereum was a bit strong on the charts. The pair even managed to gain ground to the price area of $7366.00. This came after having traded as high as $7531.00 a day ago. Here is the technical analysis for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The New Technical Levels Traders […]

Technical Analysis For Bitcoin And Ethereum Today

Most of the cryptocurrency assets have not had the best of times in the past couple of months. The market hiccups have even affected top coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here is the technical analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum; the two leading crypto coins as of 8th of December 2019. Bitcoin’s Full Analysis Earlier […]

Only 1.3% Use Crypto As Currency & more

  • By Micha Sprick
  • May 31, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Chainanalysis: Only 1.3% Use Crypto as Currency The blockchain analysis company has recently reported that only a minority of cryptocurrency users really use it as cash. That is to buy or sell services and goods with it. Only 1.38% of all users use it in that way. The primary use remains trading or speculating with […]

Technical Analysis #CW 4 2019 – Buy Bitcoin or Second Selloff?

This is the chart (fig. 1) that we used at the beginning of December. We did not predict the “Christmas rally”.  As this had been the point where the significant resistance at around 6000 broke. The market is currently still testing if the support at the 200 Weekly MA is still solid enough to prevent […]

How Peter Brandt Predicted the Current Bitcoin Price in January & What You Can Learn From It

  • By Micha Sprick
  • December 19, 2018
  • 1 Comment
Back on the 22nd January, the ICO craze was still going on, Bitconnect crashed by 92% just a few days ago and the Bitcoin price stood at about $10,000. Back then many people still had hopes for a quick recovery of Bitcoin and some, in fact, still hoped for it until a few months ago. […]

Technical Analysis: CW #37 – Pathbreaking Decision Ahead

While sentiment switched to the bulls in the BTC market we stated in our last technical analysis that we remain short-term bearish on the Bitcoin chart. However, the level that we indicated during our last technical analysis has yet to be reached. We saw it as a very bearish sign in our previous analyses that […]

Technical Analysis: CW #29 – Bull Trap or Trend Reversal? How to trade

The last week was positive for everyone who is still bullish on Bitcoin after more than six months of bearish price action. However, many traders remain sceptical.  According to them, the recent rally is insignificant and looks more like a bull trap or even a pump and dump scheme. Both of these bearish camps see […]