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Facebook: Libra Network Settles in Geneva to Develop Stablecoin

  • By Micha Sprick
  • May 17, 2019
  • 1 Comment
The Social Network has created Libra Network to unroll its payment service and its headquarter will be the Swiss city of Geneva. We reported earlier this year that Facebook seeks venture capital investors to launch its stablecoin project.The Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung wrote yesterday that the Libra Network received an entry at the commercial register of […]

Bitfury Founds Investment Fund for Bitcoin Mining

The blockchain technology company Bitfury has partnered with a Swiss investment company to co-found an investment fund. The Bitfury group has announced this on their Twitter account today. License for the EU already acquired Final Frontier, the Swiss partner of Bitfuy, already received an official license to conduct its business in Liechtenstein. Therefore, the financial […]

Roundup – 05/04/2019 – Switzerland’s Adoption of Crypto Proceeds & more

Swiss Cybersecurity Company Buys Stake in Blockchain Developer The Swiss cybersecurity company WISeKey has bought a 22%-stake in the US-American data company Tarmin. WISeKey revealed this move in an official announcement. However, both companies agreed to not disclose the exact amount of the deal. WISeKey creates ecosystems with the help of blockchain, AI and IoT-technologies. […]

Roundup – 01/04/2019 – Swiss Company Pays Staff in Bitcoin & more

Swiss Company Pays Staff in Bitcoin The Swiss company Netzmedien AG will pay its whole staff in Bitcoin from now on. The staff voted to proceed with Bitcoin payments in a democratic manner and the decision was unanimous. The publishing house maintains the news-site Netzwoche on which they also published the announcement (German) to this […]

Roundup – 21/03/2019 – QuadrigaCX: Creditor Committee Founded & more

QuadrigaCX: Creditor Committee Founded The two law firms Miller Thomson and Cox & Palmer have appointed a committee to represent the customers of QuadrigaCX. The committee consists of Parham Pakjou, David Ballagh, Eric Bachour, Ryan Kneer, Magdalena Gronowska, Eric Stevens and Nicolas Deziel who have all been customers of QuadrigaCX. So far, the two law […]

Major Step Towards Adoption – Digitec Galaxus Offers Crypto Payments

Digitec Galaxus, a Swiss e-commerce giant accepts Bitcoin and several altcoins. The company has made revenue of nearly 1 billion Swiss Franc (992 million CHF = $994 million). Digitec Galaxus AG Accepts 10 Cryptocurrencies In a press release, the publicly traded company has announced that it is going to accept several cryptocurrencies for purchases that […]

Roundup – 11/03/2019 – Brazilian Court Rules Santander to Return Frozen Funds to Exchange & more

Brazilian Court Rules Santander to Return Frozen Funds to Exchange The Brazilian court of the state of Sao Paolo has ordered the Banco Santander to refund the cryptocurrency exchange Mercado Bitcoin the sum of R$1,350,733 (around $350,000). The bank had frozen the account of Mercado Bitcoin indicating that the exchange violated its policies. The court […]

Roundup – 08/03/2019 – Financial Committee of Russia Recommends Outlawing Anonymous Use of Crypto & more

Financial Committee of Russia Recommends Outlawing Anonymous Use of Crypto The chairman of the financial committee of Russia, Ivan Aksakov, has stated that the anonymity of crypto users should is a problem.According to Aksakov, the Russian state should outlaw paying and transferring cryptocurrencies anonymously. However, it is difficult to enforce such a law. Most of […]

Roundup – 28/02/2019 –  London Stock Exchange Invests $20 Million in Crypto Startup & more

 London Stock Exchange Invests $20 Million in Crypto Startup The London Stock Exchange (LSEG) has invested in the crypto startup Nivaura. The company launched the first crypto bond in 2017. Furthermore, it facilitates the tokenization and trading of securities. LSEG reportedly spent about $20 million in Nivaura. The startup settles all its assets via its […]

Roundup 19/12/2018 – Bloomberg ‘Informant Confirms’ Tether Backed by USD

Bloomberg Confirms Tether’s Backing by USD Bloomberg, the news outlet, reported that Tether is indeed backed by the USD. Allegedly, Bloomberg has an informant inside Tether’s company who has access to the accounts of Tether. The information claims that one account of Puerto Rico’s Noble Bank Ltd. that belongs to Tether had $2.2bn while Tether […]
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