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ETH Increased Volatility Relative To Bitcoin

The last half of 2019 was a tough time for Ethereum. Its value depreciated steadily, although with a handful of positive price movements, none strong enough to shake the overall downtrend that haunted the digital currency to the end of the year. It’s now 2020 and so far, there is optimism over ETH price movements. […]

Blockchain Market To Grow By 60.4% In 5 Years

Blockchain technology is now a decade old having been unveiled as Bitcoin in the 2008/09 financial crisis. In the current decade, adoption has been on a consistent upward trend. Meanwhile, some Blockchain marketers and ICO promoters have been creating a hype around Blockchain often overstating the rate of adoption. In this perspective, Research and, […]

Study Reveals Businesses Are Increasingly Targeted by Crypto Mining Malware

A study by Malwarebytes has found out that crypto malware attacks against private persons went “nearly extinct”. However, the study also mentions that the threat for businesses has “steadily risen”. Businesses Should Take Care According to the study, “[b]usiness detections increased by about 7 percent from the previous quarter, while consumer detections declined by nearly […]