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Roundup – 09/12/2018 – Liberland Presented Itself Before European Parliament & more

Liberland Presented Itself Before European Parliament The representatives of Liberland presented itself to the European Parliament for the first time. Liberland is the libertarian micro-state in between Serbia and Croatia that plans to work with cryptocurrencies in its economy. The discussion took place on the 5th December of 2018, a recording of the event was […]

Roundup – 04/12/2018 – Largest Drop in Mining Difficulty Makes BTC Mining More Profitable than BCH/BSV & more

Largest Drop in Mining Difficulty Makes BTC Mining More Profitable than BCH/BSV In a simple formular you can put it that way. When the price of Bitcoin sinks so does, of course, the profitability of mining Bitcoin. As a consequence, the hash rate will decline which makes the network less performant. To counter this effect, […]

Roundup – 30/10/2018 – Germany’s Financial Watchdog Wants Global Regulation for Crypto & more

Germany’s Financial Watchdog Wants Global Regulation for Crypto & more The president of the BaFin (Germany’s financial authorities), Felix Hufeld, is critical of ICOs. He stated that investors have few rights and that many ICOs are untransparent. Investors could hardly research whether a legitimate business model backs an ICO or not. Even fraudulent schemes are […]

A South Korean Province To Issue Own Cryptocurrency

The use and popularity of Cryptocurrency in South Korea reached a new level after a province in the eastern part of the country announced it will be replacing the local currency with their own virtual currency. Moreover, the region also revealed it will establish an exchange that will be used in the nine cities in […]

Crypto Firms To Start Paying Tax In South Korea

The South Korean government has introduced a new tax amendment bill that will see Crypto companies based in the country start to pay taxes. Currently, the businesses enjoy income and corporate tax deductions. The government had introduced the deductions with the aim of attracting more firms in the country and helping the companies grow. However, […]

Binance To Enter The South Korean Crypto Market

Business Korea has said that Binance is planning to enter the South Korean Crypto market. This year, the company will open between three and five local corporations in the country. The Cryptocurrency exchange is considered the largest one in the world in terms of daily trading volume. The firm is entering a market that is […]

Major Crypto Regulation Changes in South Korea

Some new Cryptocurrency policies will be introduced in a major restructuring in South Korea’s top financial regulator. The country is also planning to introduce an agency that will only deal with financial innovations such as Cryptocurrencies. South Korea has also entered into an agreement with China regarding the virtual currencies and initial coin offerings. Meanwhile, […]

South Korean Government Blamed For Not Doing Enough To Control Crypto Exchange Hacks

The South Korean government is not doing enough to fight Cryptocurrency exchange hacks in the country according to some critics. Three exchanges that had already gone through the government’s inspection have so far lost almost $1 billion to hackers. Meanwhile, Upbit, one of the largest exchanges in the country has dismissed rumors that its system […]

Crypto Regulation: Weekly Roundup #26

Malta Three new crypto regulation laws Malta passes three Blockchain laws which are mainly of regulatory nature. Companies that conduct ICOs are required to publish whitepapers that outline their projects in detail. Also, they have to publish their complete financial history. The market regards this regulation as positive. While Malta hopes to attract more crypto […]

South Korean Government To Help In Investigating Crypto Hacks

The government of South Korea has launched investigations into the increased cases of Crypto hacks in the country. The country’s Crypto Exchanges have become victims of the recent hacks leading to the loss of virtual currencies worth millions of dollars. The government will also carry out security checks on the individual Crypto exchanges’ system. Government’s […]
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