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Amon Review

In regards to Cryptocurrencies, the biggest challenges that users face is volatility and real-time conversion that affects liquidity and practicability of using Cryptos as currencies. Amon is a next-level multi-platform and multi-currency network that incorporates the convenience of using a traditional debit card, and a smart Crypto exchange platform based on Artificial Intelligence protocols, It […]

Roundup 12/09/2018 – IMF nudges Marshall Islands, ICO treated as security by US judge

IMF nudges Marshall Islands into dropping its national crypto project The IMF is currently probably the biggest international opposer to cryptocurrencies. Representatives of the IMF like Dong He and Agustín Carstens speak out against cryptocurrencies regularly. The Marshall Islands although situated between Hawaii and the Philippines uses the US-Dollar. The IMF warned the Marshall Islands […]

This Week in Crypto Regulation: Week #23

June 2nd Spain: Regulation of cryptocurrencies unclear after no-confidence vote Spain passed legislation regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies on the 30th of May. Just two days later Mariano Rajoy was forced out of office by no-confidence vote after corruption revelations became public, leaving unclear when and how Spain will proceed to regulate cryptocurrencies June 4th […]