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Roundup – 08/02/2019 – Argentinian Public Transportation Enables Bitcoin Payments

Argentinian Public Transportation Enables Bitcoin Payments The public transportation system in Argentina can now be paid with Bitcoin. Clients of the Argentinian public transportation can charge their SUBE (Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico) card with Bitcoin (or Paypal). A SUBE client does not connect his own wallet to the SUBE card, however. Rather, he sends […]

SEC Commissioner Reveals That Bitcoin ETF Will Be Approved, Eventually

Robert J. Jackson Jr, a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner has revealed that the much-anticipated Bitcoin ETF will be approved. However, he adds that this will happen “eventually” which raises questions about the timeframe that the event would occur. Nonetheless, Robert’s statement shows that all that proponents need to do is to satisfy […]

Roundup – 04/02/2019 – RegTech Startup Receives $1.7 Million in Funding Round & more

RegTech Startup Receives 1.7 Million in Funding Round The crypto startup Token Relationship Management (TRM) has received $1.7 million dollars in a funding round. Among the investors are companies like “Blockchain Capital[…] Tapas Capital, Green D Ventures, The MBA Fund, and strategic angel investors”. According to their press release, the startup operates in the RegTech […]

Roundup – 28/01/2019 – Kik CEO: In Order to Keep Innovating, Change the SEC’s Position

Kik CEO, Ted Livingston: In order to keep innovating, change the SEC’s position Kik CEO, Ted Livingston, has written a medium article on why he thinks that the SEC’s decision to sue Kik for its 2017 ICO affects the whole industry. The blog article cites a Wallstreet Journal article and a statement by Jay Clayton […]

Roundup – 24/01/2019 – Hg Exchange, VanEck Withdraws ETF Filing & more

Ziliqa and Maicoin Co-Found Security Token Exchange The Crypto Projects Ziliqa and Maicoin have co-founded the Hg exchange. The exchange is not another crypto exchange. Instead, it focuses on offering security tokens. It wants to attract both the professional and the average investor. The management of the exchange has outlined very ambitioned goals for the […]

Roundup – 16/01/2019 – Maduro: Plan to Raise Minimum Wage and Value of Petro & more

Maduro: Plan to Raise Minimum Wage and Value of Petro  Nicolas Maduro announced a ‘new monetary system’ in which Venezuela will raise the value of the cryptocurrency Petro as well as the country’s minimum wage. The minimum wage is set to increase by 300% to 18,000 Bolivar per month, the equivalent of $6.70. However, what […]

Roundup – 03/12/2018 – Squire Mining Aims to Aquire Coingeek.com to Form the Largest Mining Company & more

Squire Mining Aims to Aquire Coingeek.com to Form the Largest Mining Company The mining hardware producer Squire Mining has signed a letter of intent to acquire Coingeek.com along with 1 million terahash/s of computing power. The letter is not binding and the managements of both companies are still in negotiations. A premature announcement from Coingeek.com […]

SEC Now Target Social Media Influencers Who Promote Cryptocurrency ICOs

United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been actively championing for regulation of cryptocurrencies. In a new drive of enforcement, the financial regulator targets social media influencers who promote cryptocurrency ICOs (initial coin offerings). Social Influencers Targeted by SEC for Promoting ICOs As noted by CCN,  a top official at the commission has revealed […]

Roundup – 11/10/2018 – First 32 MB Blocks, SEC Files Charges against Decentralized Exchange for the First Time & more

First ever 32 MB blocks on the BCH chain Miners have processed the first ever 32 MB blocks on the BCH blockchain yesterday. The block has confirmed successfully more than 166,000 transactions. A few hours later the next four 32 MB blocks were mined. The community celebrated the block creation. Two of these ‘mega blocks’ […]

Roundup – 12/10/18 – Coinbase gets license in Japan, New Majority Stakeholder in Bithumb & more

Coinbase On Track to Get a License to Operate in Japan Japan has one of the most stringent regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges, and many crypto-based companies end up abandoning the venture altogether due to the stipulated rules. However, according to Smarterum, Mike Lempres, the Chief Policy Officer at Coinbase, the process of getting a license […]
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