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Roundup – 15/03/2019 – Venezuela: Localbitcoins.com Volume Plummets Due to Blackout & more

Venezuela: Localbitcoins.com Volume Plummets Due to Blackout The trading volume on Localbitcoins.com for the Venezuelan Bolivar (VES) has plummeted by around 40% this week. The volume has fallen from 25 billion VES (about $6 million) to just 14 billion VES (around $4.250 million). The recent power blackout that went on for a week is likely […]

Roundup – 14/02/2019 – Redditor Proofs Misappropriation of QuadrigaCX Funds? & more

Redditor Identifies 5 Cold Wallet Addresses of QuadrigaCX – Proof of Misappropriation? A redditor called u/dekoze has supposedly identified some of the cold wallets that belong to the exchange QuadrigaCX. The user could confirm that all 5 of the addresses indicated received BTC funds from the address “3N8auHdN9rtmHDHqNnXK4eWhfukBAQcve1”. The address that Jennifer Robertson, the wife of […]

Ripple (XRP) Holds Steady At $0.3 Mark In A Volatile Market

XRP has steadily gained over the last 30 days and has broken the $0.3 level of resistance. This means that the recent gains have been piling up and there has not been a major retraction that usually characterizes short term gains in Crypto markets. From the last 7 days, trends indicate the Token is on an […]

Ripple And Other Companies Participate in The SendFriend Financing Round

SendFriend financing round has managed to raise $1.7 million after a successful capital injection appeal. SendFriend is a payment platform that aims to ensure that the US to Philippines remittances needs are met through the deployment of a next-generation payment platform. Interestingly, the network has struck a deal with Ripple that allows XRP to be […]

Ripple’s (XRP) Breakout In The Offing After Prolonged Selloff Pressures

Ripple (XRP) is about to breakout beyond its level of resistance after weeks of a downward trend. This has affected price performance as XRP has been having selloff pressures resulting in a downward triangle. This has been ongoing from the 24th November 2018- when the Bitcoin Cash hard fork wars plunged the market into a […]

Roundup – 28/01/2019 – Kik CEO: In Order to Keep Innovating, Change the SEC’s Position

Kik CEO, Ted Livingston: In order to keep innovating, change the SEC’s position Kik CEO, Ted Livingston, has written a medium article on why he thinks that the SEC’s decision to sue Kik for its 2017 ICO affects the whole industry. The blog article cites a Wallstreet Journal article and a statement by Jay Clayton […]

RippleNet Is Popular Among Payment Platforms, But What About XRP?

Ripple network has been very popular in the banking industry where over 200 startups, payment companies, and banks have embraced the technology. This is happening in regions such as North America, Europe, South America, the Far East, Middle East, and North Africa. Further, many mainstream firms have a roadmap of adopting its cutting-edge network. It […]

Trump’s Border Wall Showdown Highlights The Need For Cross-Border Crypto Payments

It is becoming evident that this time around, President Donald Trump will finally succeed in getting the $5 billion for his border wall funding. This is because the 13-day government shutdown end is nowhere in sight as Trump is not ready to back down on a promise to his base that got him in the […]

Ripple (XRP) And Ethereum (ETH) Angling For The Second Spot In Crypto Markets

Ripple’s Token has been holding the second position with a comfortable margin but Ethereum is fast closing down on XRP. It only remains a matter of time before the Crypto community is able to see whether XRP will widen its gap or Ethereum will gain marginally in respect to Ripple and hence surpass it. Narrowing […]

Roundup 30/12/2018 – Huobi Releases Whitepaper of Huobi Chain

Huobi Releases Whitepaper of Huobi Chain With the release of the whitepaper of Huobi Chain the company gives insight about its first independet blockchain. Huobi Chain aims to facilitate digital or “real” assets as stated in the whitepaper. Huobi aims to disclose a new market for itself beyond the cryptocurrency space. As the crypto market is […]
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