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Daily Analysis For BCH – ABC, Ripple, And Litecoin

The broader crypto market has recorded much support in the past 24 hours. Some of the leading cryptos have shown signs of improvement in the near future. Bitcoin Cash ABC Still Holds Steady On Monday, Bitcoin Cash ABC closed the day flat. Having gained 0.71% on Sunday, the crypto coin wrapped up the day at […]

The Cryptocurrency Market Update

In Asia, Bitcoin managed to break to new multi-month lows. The downside bias was still retained by the altcoins. This followed the lead of the first virtual coin. The Crypto Market In General During the early trading hours, the crypto market resumed the sell-off session. This followed a brief consolidation that was witnessed over the […]

What Is The Next For Ripple?

The price of Ripple (XRP) is currently following a downtrend below the support area of $0.2700. At the moment, the price is trading around the support area of $0.2620. The crucial bearish trend line for the week is still very active. The Price Analysis For Ripple Ripple has been struggling to stabilize its price in […]

Ripple Price Analysis

Today, some of the major crypto coins have experienced a mixed start in their prices. Their failure to move through to the major levels by late morning might cause certain consequences. Ripple is one of the coins that has had changes in its prices lately. How Ripple Has Been Fairing On Tuesday, this coin managed […]

Plan B: Why Bitcoin May Surge By 150%

They say history repeats itself. And when it comes to bitcoin, we really hope it does. The currency has, in the past, experienced some great times. Nobody would mind if they reoccurred. Analysts acknowledge the importance of history in predicting trends in the bitcoin market. The fact is, bitcoin has indeed made a repeat of […]

Ripple Rises By 27% In Three Days

In three days, the price of XRP has surged by 27%. XRP is the native crypto coin for a blockchain network known as Ripple. This rally has been experienced at a time when there is much that has been happening in the market. In the past couple of days, leading virtual coins have been struggling with […]

Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System & More

Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System MasterCard and R3 are partnering to build a decentralized payment system for cross border payments. The platform which is powered by the R3 corda blockchain will be a milestone in the digitization of the finance industry. The project guarantees MasterCard a place in the fast paced […]

Ripple CEO Addresses Concerns In XRP Community

Unlike other Blockchain platforms, Ripple’s native Tokens, XRP, are usually released by executives for sale in successive intervals. According to the CEO of the California-based company, the company releases XRP for sale to earn money to fund development programs for RippleNet. However, dissent is brewing among XRP community members where some of them are against […]

A Bearish Market Favor Buyers & More

A Bearish Market Favor Buyers It’s an ideal time to invest in Cryptocurrencies as a bearish momentum is looming in the Crypto market. According to a Coinrevolution analysis in the middle of the week, the top three Tokens prices for BTC, ETH, and XRP pairs have been bearish with the market forces favoring buyers. Although […]

Xendpay Braces For Good Times Following Ripple Support

Coinrevolution is confirming that Ripple is committed to supporting Xendpay as the latter strives to broaden its global footprint in the remittance market. This is according to an article from the California-based company that is aiming to increase financial inclusivity in the world through its easy-to- send native Token, XRP. Xendpay Facilitates User-Friendly Cross Border […]
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