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Major Price Milestones For Crypto As Regulations Tighten

The recent bulls in the crypto space have initiated a wave of gains in the crypto markets. BTC’s milestone of $10,000 seems to have revived the crypto space. BTC’s price remains at $10,413 on 13th February. In addition to the considerable gains in the altcoin community, the total market capitalization stands at $305 billion while […]

Race For Crypto Custody Services Takes Shape

Startups and established firms in the financial industry are locked in a battle as the race to control Crypto custody solutions take shape. According to the Wall Street Journal, the nascent sector proffers a multi-billion dollar business environment that is yet to be tapped. This market niche is so far attracting both tech-savvy startups and […]

Register And Remain In Business, Central Bank Of Netherlands Tells Crypto Firms

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) which is the Central Bank of Netherlands is ordering trading services providers in the Dutch Cryptocurrency economy to register. This directive is one of the latest cases of Crypto trading regulations that are happening around the world. The deadline for the exercise has been set for January 10, 2020, as per […]

Mexico Wants to Strengthen Its Regulation On Cryptocurrency

The Mexican Central Bank, short Banxico, has published several suggestions to reglulate cryptocurrencies and the fintech sector. The regulation has two goals: Firstly, to monitor legal and illegal conduct of transactions. Secondly,  to help the crypto sector grow in the country. The central bank follows an approach that seeks to establish a strict separation of ordinary […]

Insurance Inadequacies Impedes Growth Of Cryptos, But Not For Long

According to an article by Reuters, Cryptocurrency traders and exchanges have been grappling with inadequate insurance coverage for years. The problem arises due to the absence of clear guidelines from ambiguous or silent laws. Direct implications for the lack of a comprehensive insurance cover is that most institutional investors and high net individuals are shying […]

New Report: Regulation Also Boosts Cryptocurrency Prices

A study has found out that government regulation affects Cryptocurrency prices. Although this is a fact that is deemed to be correct by most experts and investors. The interesting fact is in the detail that regulation has positive impacts on Cryptocurrency prices. This is in contrast to the long-held notion that regulation affects BTC prices […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Banks don’t cooperate with Crypto Companies

There are many reasons why banks do not cooperate with crypto projects. Regulation, its volatility and the uselessness of many ICOs have given crypto a bad name in the banking industry. Still, the access to financial services is crucial for any company even if it relies on something that tries to replace these services. While […]

Crypto Regulation: Weekly Roundup #27

  • By Micha Sprick
  • July 7, 2018
  • 1 Comment
Bermuda Several smalls states have successfully established themselves as crypto friendly. As Malta, Lithuania and Panama could boost their local economy, the government of Bermuda now follows their example. With its latest amendment, the island state creates a new legal status for banks providing financial services for blockchain companies. Although Bermuda already has a decent legal […]

Crypto Regulation: Weekly Roundup #26

Malta Three new crypto regulation laws Malta passes three Blockchain laws which are mainly of regulatory nature. Companies that conduct ICOs are required to publish whitepapers that outline their projects in detail. Also, they have to publish their complete financial history. The market regards this regulation as positive. While Malta hopes to attract more crypto […]

This week in crypto regulation: calendar week #25

June 16th USA The State of Michigan could secure the immutability of the blockchain by law. The congressman Curt VanderWall introduced the law. It intends up to 14 years prison sentences for violations. As of now, there is little regulation regarding cryptocurrencies in the USA. Now, Michigan could secure the immutability of the Blockchain by law. […]
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