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Roundup – 10/05/2019 – Reorg Debate Settles Reorg Would Cause More Harm Than Good & more

Reorg Debate Settles Reorg Would Cause More Harm Than Good The recent reorg debate that included Ari Paul, Mike Novogratz, Vitalik Buterin and of course Changpeng Zhao revealed that Bitcoin’s ledger should not go through a reorg. CZ, the CEO & founder of Binance, stated that he and his team took the proposal to conduct […]

PayPal Skeptical About Bitcoin but Clearly Working on Blockchain Technology

PayPal, the largest and presumably the most successful online financial services provider, recently announced that it is skeptical about Bitcoin being used as the primary mode of payment in the future. Nonetheless, the company, which is estimated to be worth more than $128 billion, is pursuing a number of cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects. PayPal […]

Roundup – 08/04/2019 – Electricity Costs For Miners Increase in Washington By Up to 400%

Electricity Costs For Miners Increase in Washington By Up to 400% Up to now, the state of Washington had some of the lowest electricity rates for companies. This has attracted a lot of miners from other parts of the country. However, this has changed when the Grant County Public Utility District (PUD) created the new […]

Roundup – 04/03/2019 – Bitcoin Fell Below $5000 Again & more

Bitcoin Fell Below $5000 Again The price of Bitcoin has plunged below $5000 again. Whether it was Brexit or an April Fool’s joke that triggered the recent bull run, the effect was bolstered by two clearly identifiable effects. 1. FOMO (fear of missing out): Media, social networks & forums all discussed the recent surge & […]

PayPal Invests In Cambridge Blockchain Startup Signaling DLT Adoption

PayPal, a prominent global online payment platform is investing in Cambridge Blockchain-a startup that enables financial institutions and other businesses to manage data on shared ledgers. According to the announcement, PayPal is now part of the funding round, a move that is touted as the first-ever investment that PayPal has made on DLT. Therefore, the […]

Roundup – 08/02/2019 – Argentinian Public Transportation Enables Bitcoin Payments

Argentinian Public Transportation Enables Bitcoin Payments The public transportation system in Argentina can now be paid with Bitcoin. Clients of the Argentinian public transportation can charge their SUBE (Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico) card with Bitcoin (or Paypal). A SUBE client does not connect his own wallet to the SUBE card, however. Rather, he sends […]

Coinbase Extends Its Paypal Withrawal Service To Europe

Coinbase Crypto exchange has announced that it will be offering its Paypal withdrawal service to its users all over the European Union and users in countries making up the European Free Trade Association. Among these countries are Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Coinbase Offers Paypal Withdrawal To Users in European Countries This announcement has a […]

How To Buy Litecoin

So, you’ve heard so much about Litecoin and now you want to be part of it. You’ve come to the right place. This guide will discuss Litecoin and teach you how you can buy the virtual currency from various platforms such as BitPanda and Coinbase. You’ll also learn how to use PayPal, credit card, fiat […]

BTC City On The Road To Becoming A ‘Genuine Bitcoin City’

BTC City, the largest shopping center in Slovenia has developed strategies to help it become a ‘Genuine Bitcoin City.’ The city is located in Ljubljana and sits on a 475,000 square meters land. With over 500 shops, a shopping mall and an entertainment center among other facilities, the city is one of the largest towns […]