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Siemens Is On A Mission To Develop A Blockchain Platform For The Energy Sector

Siemens is planning to adopt Blockchain technology to transform the energy sector. The end result is to provide power to consumers through distributed Ledger Technology solutions that guarantee efficiency, transparency, and independence. In addition to energy distribution management, Siemens will also be customizing Blockchain technology in modernizing power generation services that are currently grappling with […]

Malta’s Blockchain-Friendly Environment Makes It Qualified To Receive EU Funds

Aaron Farrugia, the European Union’s Parliament Secretary in charge of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence funds is confident that Malta will immensely benefit from the plan. The EU incentive strategy seeks to fund research, project implementation, and development of Blockchain and AI services. Speaking to MaltaToday, the EU leader was responding to an allegation of Malta […]

An Emerging Blockchain Platform Is Automating The Use Of Vehicles

Blockchain technology will be customized to offer operability of automated vehicles. It is important to note that ‘automated’ motor vehicles do not mean self-driven cars alone that are yet to be commercialized, but all motor vehicles on the roads. The diagnostics that the distributed ledger technology platform will be recording are environmental data with a […]

Food Technologist: Blockchain Technology Is Transforming The Food Industry

Daniel Beckmann, the CEO of Foodshed Blockchain is affirming that Blockchain technology is improving the global food industry. He was speaking to Dan Patterson of TechRepublic in an interview. The Foodshed CEO is singling out supply chain monitoring as areas being disrupted by DLT. Additionally, the interviewee reveals that there is much improvement on the […]

Data Owners To Get Control Over Their Data Through BIGtoken Blockchain

Founders of Social Reality Inc. (SRAX) have launched the beta for BIGtoken Blockchain. SRAX is a digital marketing and consumer data distribution and management technology company. The new platform is expected to give data owners control over personal data. To kickstart the new network, the team is rewarding the first three most active users, out […]

Is BTC Crash Real? Evidence Raises Optimism For A Bull Cycle

Lack of momentum, deeply oversold conditions, and the independence of Bitcoin Cash (BTC) from Bitcoin are some of the reasons that some experts believe that the bear run is falsified. Simply putting it, the notion is that the bear cycle is just a temporary situation that enables investors to buy more Cryptocurrencies ahead of a […]

Canada Parliamentarians Want Cryptos To Comply With AML

Cryptocurrency trade should be in compliance with the anti-terrorist financing (ATF) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations according to Canada’s lower house Finance committee. The committee leader Malpeque MP Wayne Easter, asserts that, Cryptocurrency exchanges should be considered as money services businesses (MSBs) for easy regulation. Canada is among the countries that have allowed Crypto firms […]

Twitter Polls: Half Would Choose Bitcoin (BTC) As A Long Term Investment Option

Ron Paul, a former US congressman for the House of Representatives Texas’ 14th District and life Libertarian party member polled Twitter users about long-term investment options. Surprisingly, more than 50% chose Bitcoin (BTC) as their most preferred asset ahead of Gold, Federal Reserve Notes, and U.S. 10-year Treasury Bonds. This shows that despite the recent […]

Investment Strategist: Take Advantage Of The Bear Market And Invest, It Doesn’t Last

An op-ed by an investment strategist called Kiana Danial has been published on Nasdaq blog. Kiana is advising Cryptocurrency investors to buy Cryptocurrencies since the plunge will not last long. She is referring to the causal factor of the plunge as a Red wave attack that has a short-term impact on the Crypto markets. The […]

Ripple (XRP) Overtakes Ethereum (ETH) As The World’s Second Largest Cryptocurrency

In the last 24 hours, Ripple (XRP) has replaced Ethereum (ETH) as the world’s second largest Cryptocurrency. This follows a hectic day of trading for Crypto investors when the markets plunged by an average of double-digit points in hours. As at now, the market is far below the $200 billion market capitalization ‘safe mark’ to […]
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