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Assist Launches Crypto MBA Program

A renowned South Korean business school has announced the launch of a Crypto MBA program. According to the Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technologies, commonly called Assist, the one-and-half-year program will cover areas such as writing whitepapers, game theory, Dapp planning, Crypto funds, smart contracts, and Bitcoin. The institution is working towards addressing the […]

Binance Leads As The Most Trusted Exchange

The head of the Three Arrows Capital Su Zhu has stated that Binance stands as the most trusted by investors in the Crypto community. Fiat-to-Crypto Exchanges Strictly Regulated Zhu was basing this statement on the recent poll saying that they have been able to get there despite the light regulations. He added that trust among […]

Insurance Inadequacies Impedes Growth Of Cryptos, But Not For Long

According to an article by Reuters, Cryptocurrency traders and exchanges have been grappling with inadequate insurance coverage for years. The problem arises due to the absence of clear guidelines from ambiguous or silent laws. Direct implications for the lack of a comprehensive insurance cover is that most institutional investors and high net individuals are shying […]

Western Union Might Adopt Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain Technology

Western Union President, Odilon Almeida, has revealed that the platform might adopt Cryptocurrencies. In an interview with Reuters Plus, the Company Chief hinted that the bank is interested in Cryptocurrencies as a strategy of offering their clients the ability to exchange Digital Assets for fiat money. Almeida revealed that the American based financial services network […]

Quantfury Unveils App For Cryptocurrency Trading

Owners of Cryptocurrencies will be able to trade in all markets following the introduction of a zero-fee and zero-commission trading application. Launched by Quantfury, the app will enable all users to use Digital Assets as collateral for trading in different markets all over the world. According to an official statement, the fintech firm states that […]

Blockchain Startup To Save The World From Plastic Waste

Watching David Attenborough wildlife documentaries back in the day was exciting. Times have changed. Whilst the images are still delighting, the context is completely different. And that because of climate change, pollution and population growth and its toll on wildlife. The picture isn’t better on the oceans either, it’s even worse. The sheer volume of […]

A US Republican Congressman Proposes Crypto-Based Crowdfunding For Trump’s Wall

US President Donald Trump with VP Mike Pence on his side had a recent shouting match with Nancy Pelosi the incoming US House of Representatives speaker and Chuck Schumer the US Senate minority leader. The matter of contention was that Trump is pushing ahead with his border wall which he wants the Democratic Leaders to […]

Audi’s Joint Venture With IOTA Promises A Blockchain-Powered Automotive Future

Audi Denkwerkstatt, Audi Company’s thinktank has been collaborating with IOTA Foundation. In the past for months, the two parties were testing a prototype platform that is designed to use IOTA Blockchain technology in powering a number of automobile automation features such as the Internet of Things, Big Data management, etc. In a report card release […]

Blockchain Skills Are On High Demand On LinkedIn

As of December 13th, 2018, a quick glance at the LinkedIn jobs opening page reveals that Blockchain skills are in high demand from startups and established firms. This is a wakeup call to all individuals seeking to diversify their career options or to earn more to delve into Blockchain technology training in order to fill […]

Cryptocurrency Critics Are Avid Crypto Investors In Private

Most renown wall street investors have been on record criticizing Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), etc. In their highly publicized ‘financial advice’. They have been cautioning the public from investing in Digital Assets terming them fake, fraudulent, and often predicting an imminent plunge to zero. However, a quick look into their […]
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