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US DoD Is Investigating The Impact Of Blockchain Application In Its Supply Chain

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has convened a two-day seminar to investigate the role of Blockchain technology in its US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The DLA is an organization that is responsible for managing the supply chain of some federal agencies, the military, and even some foreign US allies in NATO and beyond. The […]

Bitcoin May Have Had A Bear 2018, But 2019 Is The Redemption Year

Between the beginning of January 2018 and the end of the year, Bitcoin has slumped from its historical high of $19,500 to the current low of $3,740.98. This is presenting a rare opportunity for yet-to-be investors to buy BTC. Investors are now looking forward to 2019 particularly to see whether the sell-off cycle that the […]

Smaller Cryptos May Be The Best Futuristic Investment Options

There are over 2,800 Cryptocurrencies trading in the many Crypto exchange platforms that are available. In most cases, many traders limit their options to the leading Digital Assets such as LTC, BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, Dash, ADA, Monero, USDT, etc. for risk-averse reasons such as lack of trust, security concerns, or even informational disparities on […]

Ripple (XRP) And Ethereum (ETH) Angling For The Second Spot In Crypto Markets

Ripple’s Token has been holding the second position with a comfortable margin but Ethereum is fast closing down on XRP. It only remains a matter of time before the Crypto community is able to see whether XRP will widen its gap or Ethereum will gain marginally in respect to Ripple and hence surpass it. Narrowing […]

Mizuho Financial Group To Launch A Yen-Based Stablecoin In Japan

A report from Nikken Asian Review shows that Mizuho Financial Group (MHFG) is planning to launch a Stablecoin that is pegged on the Japanese Yen. This Cryptocurrency is expected to be available to the intended users by March next year where it will be facilitating zero-cost remittance and shopping payment services. The financial group is […]

A Brazilian Supermarket To Allow Shoppers To Pay In Cryptocurrencies

Advancement of Cryptocurrencies has been slowed down by a lack of liquidity among other challenges such as volatility, security risks, government policies uncertainties, etc. On the case of liquidity, there are two perspectives to the matter. Liquidity to convert Digital Assets to fiat currencies, and liquidity to change Cryptocurrencies for other goods and services. In […]

Monarch Will Release MonarchPay Payment Solution For Marketplace Use Cases

The problem of liquidity in Cryptocurrency markets has long been the stumbling block to widescale adoption of Digital Assets. Cryptocurrency holders in most cases find themselves in situations where they cannot spend their Digital Assets in a way that they would prefer. The fundamental principle of developing Cryptocurrencies was to replace the use of fiat […]

Binance Introduces XRP As A Base Currency

Binance, the world’s largest Crypto exchange platform has introduced XRP as a base Currency in its market pairs. Hence, XRP will be used as a primary Crypto asset in purchases and sales within the Binance ecosystem. All other Digital Assets investors will from now henceforth be able to see the real value of their Cryptos […]

Yen Overtakes US Dollar In Bitcoin Pairing

From the onset of Bitcoin in 2008 and other Cryptocurrencies in the following years, the US Dollar has been the most preferred fiat pairing for BTC and other Cryptocurrencies. According to Coinhills, a Crypto evaluation, and data monitoring site, the Japanese Yen has replaced the US Dollar as the most traded fiat pair for Bitcoin. Market […]

Digital Assets Might Be The Best Investment Option In 2019

Cryptocurrencies may be the best performing assets for investment in 2019. This will come following a prolonged bear cycle in stock markets characterized by persistent and recurrent volatilities. Crypto markets are also prone to price slumps and long bear cycles, but bears are proving too difficult to avert as the world ushers in 2019. Political […]
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