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The Use Of Mnemonics In Bitcoin

As Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, so is the number of newbies creating mnemonic recovery phrases to secure their digital assets. It is good to know how your private keys are stored to remain safe when your device that holds your funds or your wallet client develops any problem. Various mnemonic phrases are different as […]

Bitcoin Falls In The China Crypto Rankings

China has revised the ranking of Cryptocurrency projects and introduced two new Crypto projects. In the list of 30 Crypto projects, EOS has replaced Ethereum in the top position with Bitcoin falling from 13th position in the first rank to 17th. China Increases Crypto Projects Ranks To 30 China’s Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) […]

Players In The Crypto Sector Join EU Police To Fight Money Laundering

War against the use of Cryptocurrencies for money laundering in Europe has gained momentum after the region’s law enforcement agency joined with major exchanges, payment processors, and even digital wallet providers. The two groups took part in the three-day seminar on Cryptocurrencies and cybercrime that started on Tuesday in the Hague. The Use Of Cryptocurrencies […]

South Korean Government To Help In Investigating Crypto Hacks

The government of South Korea has launched investigations into the increased cases of Crypto hacks in the country. The country’s Crypto Exchanges have become victims of the recent hacks leading to the loss of virtual currencies worth millions of dollars. The government will also carry out security checks on the individual Crypto exchanges’ system. Government’s […]

Universities Struggling To Decide Who Should Control Crypto Classes

It’s no secret that Cryptocurrencies have become very popular, especially after the drastic rise of their prices towards the end of 2017. The demand for Crypto classes has increased tremendously since then and universities have found it challenging to design the best teaching program. There are high chances of the various departments fighting for the […]

South Korean Government Introduces New Regulatory Measures In The Wake Of Increased Crypto Exchange Hacks

In response to the multiple hack attacks on Crypto exchanges, the South Korean Government has said that it will strengthen the sector regulatory framework. Under a new bill that has already been tabled in the country’s parliament, Crypto Exchanges will have more obligations in the future. Why The New Bill Is Important Recently, cases of […]

Bitcoin Gains More Influence In The American Politics

Bitcoin has become more involved in US politics than ever before. This week, US Senate candidate Austin Petersen said that he received a Bitcoin donation for his campaign but promptly returned. Brian Forde, a congressional candidate who was once a digital currency director at MIT Media Lab is an ardent supporter of the Cryptocurrency. The […]

‘Cobra Bitcoin’ Attacks Bitmain Over the Control of BTC Hashrate

In the past few weeks, an anonymous Twitter account and Bitcoin.org co-owner,’Cobra Bitcoin‘ have been sending controversial messages. The messages have been revolving around the ownership and control of BTC hashrate. This week, Cobra Bitcoin has claimed that one person controls over 51 percent of the BTC network. ‘Cobra Bitcoin’ Alleges Bitmain Manages 80 Percent […]

Square Gets BitLicense from New York Regulators

On Monday, digital payments firm Squire announced that it has been given BitLicense by the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS). This means the company and its ‘Cash App’ can now operate in New York State. The firm will offer BTC trading for the residents of this state. Square Has Acquired Bitlicense Maria T. […]

Brave Browser Unveils Ads Trial Program

Brave Software has rolled out its ads trial program. The firm has published Brave browser, an open-source web browser characterized by extra privacy features an integrated ad blocker and Cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token (BAT)). The company will share 70 percent of advertisement earnings with the participants in the BAT. Brave Browser Commences Testing Advertising Program […]
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