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Crypto Payments Now Accepted By A Startups-Focused Law Firm

Atrium has introduced a new service that will help a section of crypto traders. The service will specifically help those who don’t want to change their holdings to fiat. Atrium now enables its users to pay for legal services using Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. So far, Atrium has assisted more than 300 startups raise […]

MKR Token Is Bullish Having Grown By 37% Over The Last Month

According to Sebastian Sinclair – a market analyst, Ethereum-based token, Maker (MKR), has gained 37% over the last 30 days. This performance is the best in the bearish market that is yet to retract from the Bitcoin Cash Wars-induced plunge that started on November 24th, 2018. The functions and benefits of MakerDAO loan payment system […]

The New JP Morgan’s Digital Coin

JP Morgan Chase is the latest giant to join the crypto craze. The firm is turning to digital currency in its plan to modernize its central business. In a statement published on Thursday, the bank announced that it prides itself in being the first US bank to develop a prototype digital coin. The coin will […]

Sichuan: The New Haven For Chinese Cryptocurrency Miners

Cryptocurrency mining is a power-intensive method through which new coins are released. Last year, Alex de Vries, a Cryptocurrency specialist at PwC noted that mining virtual currencies consumes as much power as Ireland. Since hitting the low towards the end of last year, the hash rate between Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) networks […]

Ripple (XRP) Holds Steady At $0.3 Mark In A Volatile Market

XRP has steadily gained over the last 30 days and has broken the $0.3 level of resistance. This means that the recent gains have been piling up and there has not been a major retraction that usually characterizes short term gains in Crypto markets. From the last 7 days, trends indicate the Token is on an […]

FDA Is Launching A Pilot Blockchain Project For Tracking Drugs

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the latest government agency set to adopt Blockchain technology to solve endemic chall enges in the industry. In this case, the FDA wants to track and monitor prescription drugs from the point of production, to hospitals and pharmacies. The aim is to protect users from bad actors […]

GM Joins The Spring Labs Project To Build Data Security Infrastructure

General Motors (GM) that is based in Detroit City Michigan, has joined the Spring Labs project according to an official press release. This is a Blockchain technology initiative that focuses on enhancing data security for individual enterprises in pursuit of business objectives. It offers a DLT network that safeguards data from loss, third-party interception, and […]

Ripple And Other Companies Participate in The SendFriend Financing Round

SendFriend financing round has managed to raise $1.7 million after a successful capital injection appeal. SendFriend is a payment platform that aims to ensure that the US to Philippines remittances needs are met through the deployment of a next-generation payment platform. Interestingly, the network has struck a deal with Ripple that allows XRP to be […]

Eva Kaili, A Greece MEP Is Spearheading Blockchain Technology Discussions At EU Level

A Member of European Parliament from Greece, Eva Kaili, is introducing a series of discussions at EU Parliament about Blockchain technology. The MEP elected in 2014 envisions a European Union region that has concrete policies regarding the nascent technology that is touted as revolutionary. According to a Ripple Blog post, the MEP is seeking to […]

Crypto Emporium Starts To Allow Clients To Pay For Luxury Goods With Dash

Since February 2018, Crypto Emporium has been at the forefront of enabling buyers of luxury goods to settle invoices with Cryptocurrencies. The platform only accepts Crypto payments and therefore ideal for high net individuals who prefer the efficiency and privacy of using Digital Tokens. The Emporium offers high-end brands such as precious metals, property, vehicles, […]
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