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Clean Crypto Exchanges Revealed & More

Clean Crypto Exchanges Revealed A new report by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) reveals that Kraken and Coinbase are the cleanest Crypto exchanges. The BTI offers market surveillance and focuses on analyzing volumes that Crypto exchanges provide. Past studies show that most of the volumes are exaggerated which misguides investors into investing in underperforming Digital […]

Do You Have Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Skills, NASA Is Looking For You

Job openings calling for Blockchain experts are now becoming common. This is because companies are increasingly looking for DLT experts to build customized Distributed platforms for their services. Additionally, as an emerging skill, the demand for experts by far outweigh the supply unlike other traditional competencies such as banking, law, and accounting. Consequently, Blockchain experts […]

Roundup 15/01/2019 – Fake News: Russia to Invest $10 bn in Bitcoin & more

Russia to Invest $10 bn in Bitcoin – Fake News Yesterday, the Telegraph reported that Russia is likely going to invest $10 billion in Bitcoin. Vladislav Ginko, a Russian economist, spread the rumour. According to him, the Russian government has done “enormous work” to “start investing huge amounts of Central Bank’s reserves into Bitcoin”. However, […]

NASA Is Proposing A Blockchain-Based Air Traffic Management

According to RT, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is exploring opportunities and risks of launching a Blockchain technology platform to control and manage air traffic. If the proposal is adopted, experts believe that NASA will be able to develop a blockchain-powered infrastructure to manage air traffic operations. The new platform will proffer maximum […]