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Mining Bitcoin Could Increase Global Warming, Factual Or Not?

The New York-based Thomson Reuters Foundation reports that ambassadors of global warming awareness have Bitcoin on their list of concerns. The climate enthusiasts fear that Bitcoin mining could derail efforts done by the world to combat global warming. These methods largely entail developing solutions for green energy production to discourage the use of unsustainable means […]

Why you should Consider Investing in Mining Hardware Producers

Investors have a saying: “During the gold rush, don’t invest in gold, invest in shovels.” Mining hardware is for Bitcoin & Co. what shovels are for gold. There is no way around efficient mining hardware whether it comes to the security of a cryptocurrency or its transaction rate. So if you believe that cryptocurrency is […]

Japan Witnesses Tremendous Growth Of The Cryptocurrency Market; Mining Plans And Tokens

Three major Japanese public firms have made some major announcements in regards to their Cryptocurrency trading. These three companies; Forside, Line Corp, and Fasteps have made tremendous improvements in as far as Cryptocurrency operations are concerned. Forside, for instance, has seriously improved its mining operations with plans to have 7nm mining rigs of Bitcoin sold. On […]

Daily Roundup 20th July – Smart Contract for UK law and Japan’s biggest Telecom Firm, India’s Crypto Hearing and Quebec Energy Prices for Miners

World’s fourth largest telecom company plans to implement smart contracts Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) already patented its application. The patent outlines how the application encrypts and stores contracts decentrally. This way processes could become much faster and simpler. Also, NTT ensures that personal data will be more secure. As of now, it is unclear when […]

Indian Police Raid Cryptocurrency Mining Zone

Police in India’s capital, New Delhi has raided a digital coin-mining center and seized several mining cards. The establishment of this mining operation is believed to have been funded by close to $15 million that was obtained from the scandalous Ponzi scheme. Following Up On The Owners’ Arrest This raid, which was conducted by Cyber […]