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New $300 Billion Crypto Market Cap As BTC Dominance Drops By 6%

As Bitcoin prices strive to achieve new highs, the crypto market is making new milestones. The market just reached $300 billion in market capitalization. Many saw it coming, judging from the impressive numbers registered in January when the market steadily rose from $218 billion to $303 billion. The market cap also gained 65.92% within the […]

Roundup – 09/11/2018 – Thailand to Approve Creation of ICO Portal & more

Thailand to Approve Creation of ICO Portal Reportedly, Thailand is going to approve the creation of an officially licensed ICO-portal. Consequentially, the country aims to officially license ICOs that fulfill all the necessary requirements. This regulated approach will end a period of crackdowns and a temporary prohibition in Thailand. eToro Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android and […]

Only two gold-backed cryptocurrencies are relevant investment alternatives

In the current bear market that is still going on, stable coins are an interesting alternative to regular cryptocurrencies. But Tether has well-known issues. And if you believe in cryptocurrencies because you think there are fundamental problems within our monetary system, you will likely find that Tether’s rival TrueUSD is not a true alternative as […]