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History of Venezuela’s Petro Is Full of Misinformation and Failure

Misinformation #1 – Petro is a NEM token PTR has many things in common with what is known in the crypto space as a ‘shitcoin’. However, the term ‘coin’ had been misleading in this case. At least when the Venezuelan government announced the creation of the Petro. As PTR was originally outlined to be only […]

Roundup – 26/01/2019 – Petro’s Future Unclear, Study Finds PoS Coin Flaws & more

  • By Micha Sprick
  • January 26, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Maduro’s Reign Contested – Petro’s Future Unclear The power struggle in Venezuela is ongoing. The people are on the streets, the opposition contests Maduro’s power and it has a charismatic leader in Juan Guaidó. Meanwhile, the socialist government does not stand still of course. The “colectivos” Maduro’s death squads on motorcycles are reportedly fighting and […]

Roundup – 16/01/2019 – Maduro: Plan to Raise Minimum Wage and Value of Petro & more

Maduro: Plan to Raise Minimum Wage and Value of Petro  Nicolas Maduro announced a ‘new monetary system’ in which Venezuela will raise the value of the cryptocurrency Petro as well as the country’s minimum wage. The minimum wage is set to increase by 300% to 18,000 Bolivar per month, the equivalent of $6.70. However, what […]

Roundup – 08/12/2018 -Europe’s First ICO Financed Crypto Asset Manager Licensed in France & more

Europe’s First ICO Financed Crypto Asset Manager Licensed in France A French company with the name the Napoleon Group has become the first ICO financed crypto management firm with an official license in Europe. Even more remarkable about it is that the company is not situated in Estonia or other Eastern European states that have […]

Roundup – 11/10/2018 – First 32 MB Blocks, SEC Files Charges against Decentralized Exchange for the First Time & more

First ever 32 MB blocks on the BCH chain Miners have processed the first ever 32 MB blocks on the BCH blockchain yesterday. The block has confirmed successfully more than 166,000 transactions. A few hours later the next four 32 MB blocks were mined. The community celebrated the block creation. Two of these ‘mega blocks’ […]

Roundup – 19/10/2018 – Did Tron mislead its users regarding Baidu partnership? & more

Did Tron mislead its users and investors by claiming partnership with Baidu? Yesterday, Tron announced that it scored a partnership with Baidu. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron announced beforehand that Tron has ‘finally’ a partnership with an industry giant. However, it turned out that Tron is just using and buying services of Baidu. Apparently, […]

PetroDollar World’s first state-owned Cryptocurrency – good or bad News?

  • By Micha Sprick
  • August 20, 2018
Venezuela launched its own cryptocurrency back in December 2017. But so far it seems, it has only been in its test phase. As only from today on (20th August) the Venezuelan state declared that the Petro is its official currency also can find in the trading platform Etoro.  It will coexist with Venezuela’s fiat currency, […]