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Roundup – 17/04/2019 – Telegram & Wirecard Cooperate On Blockchain Payment Solution & more

Telegram & Wirecard Cooperate On Blockchain Payment Solution Telegram and Wirecard are cooperating to create a common blockchain project. Wirecard announced this cooperation in a press release (German) today. The German company revealed that it is working together with TON Labs. The developers of Telegrams Open Network (TON). The blockchain will serve as a common […]

London Stock Exchange Approves Security Tokens Trading For 20|30 Firm

The London Stock Exchange has approved the trading of tokenized shares worth 3 million GBP belonging to a fintech firm known as 20|30. This is the first type of Blockchain-based stocks to trade on a stock exchange. The LSE is one of the most reputable and largest stock exchanges that has immense influence on the […]

Roundup 01/03/2019 – Ethereum Hard Fork ‘Constantinople’ Accomplished & more

Ethereum Hard Fork ‘Constantinople’ Accomplished Ethereum passed the Constantinople upgrade. The upgrade had been delayed for more than a month. It is an important hard fork that tackles the many problems Ethereum faces regardings its scaling qualities. It provides the groundwork for upcoming scaling solutions like sharding, Casper and the Raiden network. Another important update […]

Nivaura Blockchain Set To Cut Out Custody Middlemen In Stock Markets

Capital markets are set to adopt the model of vending machines for trading stocks if the London Stock Exchange-funded Nivaura Blockchain gets its way. For the time being, stock markets are characterized by a complex web of depositors who hold stock certificates as well as investments banks that hold hard and cold cash, as well […]

Roundup – 28/02/2019 –  London Stock Exchange Invests $20 Million in Crypto Startup & more

 London Stock Exchange Invests $20 Million in Crypto Startup The London Stock Exchange (LSEG) has invested in the crypto startup Nivaura. The company launched the first crypto bond in 2017. Furthermore, it facilitates the tokenization and trading of securities. LSEG reportedly spent about $20 million in Nivaura. The startup settles all its assets via its […]

LSE’s Trade Matching Technology To Be Embraced By An Upcoming Crypto Exchange

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • January 24, 2019
  • 1 Comment
The trade matching technology that the London Stock Exchange platform uses will be adopted by an upcoming Cryptocurrency exchange platform. The new network that is being launched in Hong Kong is set to be live in the course of the first half of 2019 and is expected to be a game changer in the Digital […]