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Libra’s Boss Is Bullish On BTC

Bitcoin and the crypto market, as a whole, have had some troubles with Libra. Libra is a crypto project belonging to social media guru, Facebook, and is supposed to launch next year. There are some people who have even suggested that tech firms would be well off using BTC as opposed to coming up with […]

What If Facebook Didn’t Launch Libra, Would It Have More Success?

A tough question was thrown to the audience at the World Blockchain Forum, which was held in September. One speaker asked the attendees if they ever imagined Libra could succeed in the crypto market. To his surprise, half of the room raised their hands in agreement. But all hands were lowered when he asked if […]

Libra Can Work Best If It Is In IMF’s Custody

A former head of the Central Bank of China is the latest to give his opinions concerning Facebook’s Libra. He argues that the proposed cryptocurrency platform, Libra can perform better when it is in the custody of IMF – International Monetary Fund. It is not the first time the digital payment platform is getting criticism […]

Calibra Is Thinking Of Audits For Protection Of Data

David Marcus is the Chief Executive Officer for Calibra crypto wallet. He recently spoke at the Dealbook Conference organized by the New York Times held in New York City. While there, he discussed the international regulatory scrutiny the virtual currency is facing at the moment. Calibra Now Thinks Of An Auditor For Personal Data Practices […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis And Next Stop

For about a month now, bitcoin has been trading in a tight range between $7500 and $8500. Analysts call this a consolidation phase before the next move, hopefully higher, although you can never be sure. Cryptocurrencies are notorious for their unpredictability. So is bitcoin, at least for now. The flagship cryptocurrency is in a development […]

Zuckerberg Defends Libra

Finally, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the house financial service committee on Wednesday October 23rd in Capitol Hill. The committee wanted some clarifications regarding Facebook’s new project. Zuckerberg had to endure hours of grilling from members of the House Financial Committee on project Libra. He had to assure the lawmakers that the project wouldn’t […]

Libra Crypto Debacle; Zuckerberg To Testify In A Few Hours

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to face a tough test in a few hours as he is set to testify before a House panel on Libra publicly. He will be speaking on his company’s effort in launching the controversial global currency. His testimony will be his first since he appeared again before congress to […]

Learning From Libra: Binance’s Venus To Comply Fully

The Facebook regulatory battles over the Libra network is hard to miss. Those interested in creating their own cryptocurrencies similar to the Libra network Libra Network are being forced to rethink their plans. Among them is Binance, a Malta based cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto exchange says it will be taking a different approach in the […]

China’s PBoC Announces National Crypto To Counter Libra & More

China’s PBoC Announces National Crypto To Counter Libra Since mid June when Facebook announced details of its own digital currency project, China has viewed development of its own cryptocurrency with new urgency. During the China Finance 40 Forum convention held in Yichun Heilongjiang, the People’s Bank of China announced that a national cryptocurrency is ready […]

China’s PBoC Announces National Crypto To Counter Libra

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has announced a national Cryptocurrency. The announcement was made during the China Finance 40 Forum convention in Yichun Heilongjiang signifying that the Crypto could have the backing of the top brass in the Communist Party of China. China’s Crypto Is Ready For Deployment One of the key takeaways from […]
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