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Volumes On Kraken And Coinbase Are Clean, BTI Confirms

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • September 24, 2019
Crypto trading platforms operate in the Wild West. However, governments through their respective agencies such as the US CFTC, IRA, and the Bank of England, the SEC, and more are increasingly enacting policies to tame the spiraling problem. In the same perspective, the industry is also innovating solutions for checking the problem. One of the […]

Shorting On Bitcoin: Everything You Need To Know

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • August 8, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Short selling bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is a way of making profit when the coin’s value drops. This investment option involves high risks and is best suited for experienced traders. We explore the five different ways you can short sell bitcoin but first, here are the fundamentals: What Short Selling Involves It is essentially […]

Kraken Sells Shares to Small Investors, Russia-Venezuela Trades in Petro? & more

Kraken Started Small-Investor Funding Round Kraken has started a funding round that allows small investors to buy shares of the company. The minimum investment amount lies at $1000. Kraken’s partner in the share offering is Bnk to the Future. The exchange already started a funding round for bigger investors in Q4 2018. The minimum investment […]

Microsoft Email Accounts Used by Hackers to Steal Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency industry has grown tremendously over the last year. Governments and corporations have embraced blockchain technology and use it to offer better products and services to customers. However, just like any new industry, the cryptocurrency industry is not devoid of challenges. Microsoft Email Accounts Used for Hacking One of the main challenges in this […]

Kraken Purchases UK Exchange Crypto Facilities

Kraken is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the United States. Over the past couple of years, it has been making serious progress and expanding. Just recently, Kraken has gone ahead to acquire Crypto Facilities. Crypto Facilities is a futures provider and cryptocurrency exchange program that is based in the United Kingdom. The company […]

How To Buy Ripple

The popularity of Cryptocurrencies is growing every day. XRP has not been left behind and has grown to become the second largest altcoin after Bitcoin. With its cross-border transactions taking only less than five seconds, XRP has continued to gain admiration from banks, companies, and financial institutions involved in international money transfer. Japanese banks, credit […]

Roundup – 07/12/2018 Bithumb Overtakes Binance as Korean Won Dominates the Market & more

Bithumb Overtakes Binance as Korean Won Dominates the Market The monthly report of the crypto market analyzer Cryptocompare for November has many intereting insights on the cryptomarket. An interesting development is the fact that Bithumb overtook Binance in November as the largest exchange by volume. It is very likely that this is only a temporary […] Exchange Review

Kraken is undoubtedly one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in the world and the unique name definitely makes it memorable. Overview Kraken got a foot in the door all the way back in 2011, so it’s popularity can definitely be linked to its long withstanding reputation. Kraken is a San Francisco based exchange and abides […]