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Roundup – 18/12/2019 – Blockstream Expands Sattelite Service to Asia-Pacific Region & more

Blockstream Expands Sattelite Service to Asia-Pacific Region Bitcoin Users in Africa, America and Europe could use the Lightning Network without having access to the internet since August 2017. Back then, Blockstream launched its satellite service. Now the service has expanded to the Asia-Pacific region. The service is aimed at emerging markets where access to the […]

Roundup – 11/12/2018 – Bitmain Shuts Down Development Center in Israel & more

Bitmain Shuts Down Development Center in Israel Bitmain has to shut-down its development center in Ra’anana, Israel. The center opened just this year. However, the current bear market and the, so far, negative consequences of the hash war for the Bitcoin Cash ABC faction have led to this harsh decision. So far, it is not […]

Roundup – 24/10/18 – Japan Allows Crypto Industry to Regulate Itself & more

Japan Allows Crypto Industry to regulate itself The Japanese government allows its crypto industry to regulate itself. The government has given (Japanese)  its formal approval for this today. Collaboration and the will to abide the law are unusually high in the East-Asian country. The government’s official statement says that the industry is changing rapidly. Consequentially, […]

Roundup – 20/10/18 – Only 39% pass Virtual Financial Assets in Malta & more

Only 39% pass Virtual Financial Assets exam in Malta Malta passed a Virtual Financial Assets act that among other things states that persons that wish to deal with cryptocurrencies have to pass an exam. The exam is mandatory for persons who want to offer cryptocurrencies, ICOs, portfolio management or investment advice in Malta. As it […]

Roundup 20/08/2018 – Zaif hacked: 5966 BTC lost, Texas shuts down three scams & more

Japanese exchange hacked – 5966 BTC lost The Japanese exchange Zaif was hacked, Zaif’s servers noted an unauthorized access on 14th September. However, Zaif made the incident public only yesterday. As of now, it is clear that hackers managed to steal 5966 BTC of which a majority belongs to Zaif’s customers. Zaif suspects that it […]

Roundup: 17/09/2018 – Regulation News from Japan, UK & Zimbabwe

Japan elaborates its regulation of cryptocurrencies The crypto boom does not seem to stop in Japan. As of now, more than 150 companies are waiting to get an official license from the Japanese government to run an exchange. The Japanese Yen is the fiat currency with the second biggest volume to Bitcoin after the US-Dollar. […]

Japan To Tighten Crypto Regulations

In an attempt to make the Crypto market more secure, Japan, through the Financial Services Agency (FSA) has introduced new requirements for Cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. The financial regulator now requires the exchanges to provide minutes to back and validate their decision-making process. The new move will help in identifying whether the exchanges are conducting […]

Japan Witnesses Tremendous Growth Of The Cryptocurrency Market; Mining Plans And Tokens

Three major Japanese public firms have made some major announcements in regards to their Cryptocurrency trading. These three companies; Forside, Line Corp, and Fasteps have made tremendous improvements in as far as Cryptocurrency operations are concerned. Forside, for instance, has seriously improved its mining operations with plans to have 7nm mining rigs of Bitcoin sold. On […]

Canada’s Coinsquare Exchange To Enter The Japanese Crypto Market

Coinsquare, a Canadian Crypto exchange has said that it is about to enter the Japanese market and is waiting for approval by the financial regulator in the country. The exchange will use the Dlta21x brand to enter the market. Although the exchange will first concentrate on the Japanese market, plans are underway to expand to […]

Japan’s GMO Internet Uses 7nm Rigs to Enhance Its Own Bitcoin Mining

Japan’s Internet giant GMO ventured in bitcoin mining in December last year and has released its mining report. During the mining exercise, the company used the 7nm rigs. GMO’s spokesperson spoke to news.bitcoin.com and provided more details about the project. GMO mins both BTC and BCH GMO has released a report about its mining activity, […]
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