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Economy After Brexit: UK Shipping Market Could Still Expand With Blockchain Implementation

A new report is advising startups and established firms in the local maritime industry to adopt revolutionary technologies. Some of the key suggestions include Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence that are known to offer perfect solutions for inefficiencies. This recommendation is coming in the wake of a provocative political standoff between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and […]

Startup Ubirch from Cologne Gets Million In Second Funding Round

Ubirch – IoT Data Storage on Blockchain According to a recent press release (German), the company Ubirch has successfully gained more than a million Euro in a second funding round. The startup is developing secure data storage solutions for the internet of things. While the usefulness of notary processes has already been discovered by other […]

Roundup – 30/03/2019 – Russia Could Get the First Palladium Backed Cryptocurrency & more

Russia Could Get the First Palladium Backed Cryptocurrency Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin is planning to create cryptocurrency tokens backed by palladium, to launch several digital platforms for a more fluid transaction. Nornickel is likewise emerging with a similar platform to be used for internal transactions to enable testing of regulating blockchain-type systems by a single […]

IEEE: Blockchain Can Protect IoT

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • March 29, 2019
  • 1 Comment
According to an IEEE report, Blockchain technology can be used in the Internet of Things (IoT) applications to protect devices. This use-case can greatly enhance Blockchain technology’s market penetration and also revolutionize the industry by giving potential users confidence in regards to security needs. Hacking Attempts On IoT Are On The Increase IoT hit the […]

Roundup – 16/03/2019 – Court Shuts Gatecoin, Thailand’s 1st ICO Portal & more

Court Shuts Gatecoin Unhappy Bitcoin/Ethereum crypto exchange, Gatecoin, has been wound-up on court orders. A turbulent last three years saw the exchange stung in a $20m hack, endure banking freezes and, finally, suffer court-mandated liquidation. In a statement on its website, Gatecoin cited cash-flow woes and blamed its former Payment Service Provider (PSP). Gatecoin says […]