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Roundup – 26/11/2018 – Ohio Citizens Can Pay Their Taxes in Bitcoin in the Near future

Ohio Citizens Can Pay Their Taxes in Bitcoin in the Near future The Wallstreet Journal reported that citizens of the state will be able to pay their taxes in Bitcoin soon. The government of Ohio contracted Bitpay to handle payments in BTC and to convert them into Dollars in real time. Josh Mandel, the state […]

Roundup – 06/11/2018 – Unknown Token Makes up Large Part of Gas Activity on Ethereum Blockchain

Unknown Token Makes up Large Part of Gas Activity on Ethereum Blockchain An unknown token is responsible for driving up the gas price on the Ethereum network. The token is called Omniscience Dedication Financial. The holder address sends out various amounts of ODF to addresses. According to the Gas monitoring website, The token accounts […]

HSBC Unveils Blockchain-Powered Payment System For India

Britain’s HSBC Bank has transacted the first international payment service in India. The award-winning Bank used Blockchain technology to construct a secure platform for proffering issuance of electronic bills of lading and letters of credit. In this particular case, HSBC executed an export deal between the Mukesh Ambani that is part of the Reliance Industries […]

Roundup – 26/10/2018 – Chinese Court Classifies Crypto as Economic Property & more

Chinese court rules owning and transacting cryptocurrencies is legally protected The Shenzhen Court, an arbitration court in China decided that transacting and owning cryptocurrencies is protected by law. The court ruled (Chinese)  that cryptocurrencies have the legal status of economic property. Therefore, the government cannot rule to forbid the trade of cryptocurrencies. However, the People’s Bank […]

Roundup: 25/09/2018 – North Korea relies on Bitcoin? & more

Indian Supreme Court’s final hearing before judging on crypto ban case The case against the crypto ban in India enters its final round as the Supreme Court will hear the final arguments of both sides.  The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI) petitioned against the crypto ban. While the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) […]

Roundup 06/09/2018 – Crypto-Positive Regulation in Asia

India questions its policy on cryptocurrencies India forbade trading of cryptocurrencies in 2018. Exchanges and ICO-Startups are not allowed to operate in the country. However, the new technology and the new medium promises many opportunities and investors from all over the world. The biggest financial authority of the South Asian state the Securities and Exchange […]

Technical Analysis – CW #30 – last chance for Bulls & a look at fundamentals: Bitcoin ETFs

Last week we predicted that Bitcoin would move to the next Fibonacci level above 7800. Considering the unusual RSI indicator, we concluded that there was a possibility for a major pullback before this would happen. Instead, Bitcoin moved straight to above 8000 without any major pullback. It turned out that a small correction to 7800 […]

Daily Roundup: 27th July 2018 – Libertarians no Majority in Crypto, Indian Commission recognizes Crypto as Payment

Indian Commission recognized cryptocurrencies as legitimate payment method Indians use cryptocurrencies in many use-cases although trading digital currencies is at the moment forbidden. One of the many innumerable use cases is gambling and sports betting. The report by an Indian law commission is 145 pages long and discusses whether gambling and sports betting should be forbidden […]

The Indian Cryptocurrency Market Awaits Supreme Court’s Ruling on RBI Crypto Trading Ban

July 20, 2018, will be a day that the Indian Supreme Court will hear about the legality of Cryptocurrency trading which was recently banned by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It will be a great day for Cryptocurrency businesses in the country who have suffered huge losses since the decision by RBI took effect. […]

Indian Crypto Regulations To Be Ready By July

A high-ranking Indian official has revealed that the country is about to pass the long-awaited Crypto regulations. The draft is already out, and the government hopes to have the new law ready by the first half of next month. In the meantime, the country’s Supreme Court has agreed to review a petition filed Indian Crypto […]
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