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Roundup – 13/03/2019 – ‘Crypto’ Movie Receives Negative Echo From Crypto Space & more

‘Crypto’ Movie Receives Bad Criticism From Crypto Space Crypto has finally reached Hollywood. Though, not in a good sense as the movie with the inexpressive name “Crypto” features money laundering, crime and, of course, the Russian mafia. The first movie in which the new monetary medium plays a major role will hit the cinemas in […]

Ikea Delves Into Blockchain For Renewable Energy Generation

Ikea’s innovation lab Space 10 is developing a Blockchain-powered solar microgrid. The furniture giant is aiming to democratize the management of renewable energy to entice many people to produce electricity for the microgrid using green -energy solutions. Dubbed as SolarVille, Ikea’s Blockchain platform is at its modeling phase. The model is a wooden village prototype […]