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Huobi Is Introducing A Coin Launchpad

After Bittrex and Binance, Huobi is another leading Crypto exchange platform that is planning to venture into a Token-listing project by offering a Coin-launching platform. The new premium coin offering service from the Chinese-based exchange is set to allow traders to access the rich pool of Cryptocurrencies that are offered for investment purposes before being listed […]

Roundup – 08/03/2019 – Financial Committee of Russia Recommends Outlawing Anonymous Use of Crypto & more

Financial Committee of Russia Recommends Outlawing Anonymous Use of Crypto The chairman of the financial committee of Russia, Ivan Aksakov, has stated that the anonymity of crypto users should is a problem.According to Aksakov, the Russian state should outlaw paying and transferring cryptocurrencies anonymously. However, it is difficult to enforce such a law. Most of […]

Israel Market Regulator Proposes Cryptocurrency Regulation As Huobi Adds XRP

Israel Securities Authority (ISA) has recommended the creation of a platform for Cryptocurrency trade but under strict regulation. The regulator, who has spent the last two years studying the sector, noted that the technology will remain relevant in the future. Meantime, Huobi, one of the largest virtual currency trading platforms has launched Ripple (XRP) trading. […]

Roundup – 26/01/2019 – Petro’s Future Unclear, Study Finds PoS Coin Flaws & more

Maduro’s Reign Contested – Petro’s Future Unclear The power struggle in Venezuela is ongoing. The people are on the streets, the opposition contests Maduro’s power and it has a charismatic leader in Juan Guaidó. Meanwhile, the socialist government does not stand still of course. The “colectivos” Maduro’s death squads on motorcycles are reportedly fighting and […]

Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange To Be Part Of Japan’s Cashless Economy

The government of Japan plans to have an advanced and hybrid economy that is powered by cashless transactions. This is meant to ensure that the inconveniences of using Japan Yen paper money are eliminated and the society is able to buy goods and services through app-based solutions. To take advantage of such laws, the Singapore-based […]

Roundup 30/12/2018 – Huobi Releases Whitepaper of Huobi Chain

Huobi Releases Whitepaper of Huobi Chain With the release of the whitepaper of Huobi Chain the company gives insight about its first independet blockchain. Huobi Chain aims to facilitate digital or “real” assets as stated in the whitepaper. Huobi aims to disclose a new market for itself beyond the cryptocurrency space. As the crypto market is […]

Roundup – 28/12/2018 – Huobi Lays Off Staff Due to Falling Bitcoin Price & more

Huobi Lays Off Staff Due to Falling Bitcoin Price According to the South China Morning Post, Huobi is the next company in the crypto business to layoff a part of its staff. The newspaper cites the number of employees as high as 1000 employees. Due to the falling price of Bitcoin, the exchange plans to […]

Roundup – 20/11/2018 – Huobi Created Communist Committee & more

Huobi Created Communist Committee Huobi has created a Communist Committee within its company. This move is mandatory for state-owned enterprises. However, other major companies like Tencent and Alibaba have taken similar steps before. China positively regulates the use and application of blockchains but it forbade the trade of cryptocurrencies earlier this year. Huobi reacted by […]

Roundup – 19/11/2018 – BTC.TOP mines Bitcoin Cash ABC fork to ‘End Chaos’ & more

BTC.TOP mines Bitcoin Cash ABC fork to ‘End Chaos’ BTC.TOP a major Chinese mining pool contributes to the hash power of the BCH ABC fork. As of now, BTC.TOP alone has more hash power than BCH SV in total. Therefore, the potential threat of a 51% attack on the BCH ABC chain is currently not […]

Huobi Review – The Leading Global Digital Asset Exchange

Huobi exchange has been operational since September 2013 operating from Beijing China. However, following the 2017 Chinese government crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi expanded its reach and moved out of China to the island state of Singapore. Currently, Huobi offers its cryptocurrency exchange services in over 130 countries worldwide.  They have branch offices in Hong […]
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