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Roundup – 18/12/2019 – Blockstream Expands Sattelite Service to Asia-Pacific Region & more

Blockstream Expands Sattelite Service to Asia-Pacific Region Bitcoin Users in Africa, America and Europe could use the Lightning Network without having access to the internet since August 2017. Back then, Blockstream launched its satellite service. Now the service has expanded to the Asia-Pacific region. The service is aimed at emerging markets where access to the […]

Invault Enters Hong Kong To Take Advantage Of The Crypto Custodian Laws

In a bid to protect Cryptocurrency holders from the negative implications of Crypto theft, Hong Kong has introduced new laws to govern the storage of Digital Assets. The guidelines seek to compel managers of Cryptocurrency portfolios and Crypto exchange platforms to employ a Custodian service to protect their wallets. In response to the prospective demand […]

Hong Kong Changes Immigration Policy To Attract Fintech Talent

In an attempt to attract Fintech specialists to boost economic growth, the Hong Kong government has updated its immigration policy to make it easy for such talents to go and work in the region. Among the specialists the government of the Chinese region has included in the list are those in the asset management and […]

Bitmain Technologies Ltd. Considers IPO

Bitcoin’s co-founder Jihan Wu has told Bloomberg that Bitmain Technologies Ltd. is contemplating an initial public offer to raise more funds for development. The Beijing-based Bitcoin miner and mining cheap designer will consider Hong Kong market or any other abroad market that trades in US dollar. The US$8.8 Billion Company Bitmain has developed a chip […]

Bitfinex Back After Cyber Attack

One of largest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Bitfinex, experienced a cyberattack Tuesday morning,s but resumed normal operation later in the day. The attack led to a 2% reduction in the price of Bitcoin. How Bitfinex Was Attacked On Tuesday Morning Bitfinex became a victim of distributed Denial-Of-Service attack (DDoS), which overwhelms a system with […]

KuCoin Exchange

Research for a Blockchain technology that would work best for KuCoin began back in 2011, but the technical architecture would just be built three years later (2013). In 2017, the exchange officially began its operations with the main aim of becoming one of the leading global exchange platforms by 2019, which is just one year […]