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How Halving Will Help the Cryptocurrency Market

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • March 21, 2020
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Can Making a Digital Coin Less Mean More? If you are looking at an asset in any market, if there is less available due to processes like halving, the value increases. Consequently, this is the age-old Supply and Demand principle. Digital coins like Bitcoin use halving as a regular occurrence to do just that. These […]

Will Bitcoin Price History Remain True?

  • By Mateo Brooks
  • March 4, 2020
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With May fast approaching, the crypto industry is watching with bated breath for the next round of Bitcoin halving. If the Bitcoin price history is an accurate forecaster of how this year’s halving will go, the king coin could hit $400,000 when everything is said and done. Next Bitcoin Rally Expected After Halving Historically, Bitcoin […]

BTC Is Gold On Steroids, New ATH By Halving – Novogratz

Earlier on the week, the flagship crypto eventually breached $10,000. The digital currency is 40% up so far in 2020. According to Michael Novogratz, the CEO and Chairman of Galaxy Digital, a company that invests in cryptocurrency, the uptrend could continue upwards and by the end of the year to new all-time highs. In 2018, […]

BTC Option Calls Show Price Could Reach $12,000 In 2020 June

Clearly, there is momentum building in the Bitcoin markets. So far this year, the asset has been up 12.5%. The options market is also indicating that there could be call options for a strike price of $12,000. This has happened just a month after the halving. Bitcoin In The Weekend Bitcoin has spent the past […]

Blockchain Could Make Powered Electric Car Charging Systems Adaptable & More

Blockchain Could Make Powered Electric Car Charging Systems Adaptable The auto industry is set to experience an extraordinary change. Researchers have come up with a blockchain powered hybrid energy system. The project aims at facilitating the adoption of electric cars which are deemed to be the future of the automotive industry. This technology will also […]