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No Amazon Coin For Now,EU Anti-Money-Laundering Guideline Threatens Existence of German Startups

No Amazon Coin For Now Facebook has stirred up the crypto subject way beyond the crypto space. Media and politics are reacting to Facebook’s presentation of Libra. Now everyone is wondering whether or not similarly big tech companies will come up with their own digital currency. Amazon is probably the first company that comes to […]

Facebook’s Upcoming Libra Coin Grabs The Globe’s Attention

Although Libra Coin is only set to be deployed in 2020 as per the roadmap of the project developers, the whole world has been drawn to discuss the Cryptocurrency that is expected to disrupt the global financial industry in a scale that has never been seen before. Some of the quarters that are keen on […]

EOS: Buys in 5th Most Expensive Domain Deal & more

EOS: Buys in 5th Most Expensive Domain Deal, the company behind the platform EOS, has invested 30 million USD for the domain name The company is currently developing a social media platform with the name Voice. MicroStrategy, a software producer and domain provider, has confirmed that it sold the domain to […]

State Resistance Against Facebook’s Libra Coin Is Growing & more

State Resistance Against Facebook’s Libra Coin Is Growing After Facebook has revealed the whitepaper and technical details of Libra for the first time, resistance against this new form of digital money is growing. The French finance and economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, already spoke out against Libra that ‘it must not happen’. Similarly, critical voices […]

Multi-Currency Backed? – These Are the Problems that Facebook’s Libra Coin Will Face

The impact of Facebook’s GlobalCoin on the crypto space is widely regarded to become a positive one. First of all, because it will bring new people to the crypto space that had previously barely any exposure to the subject. Many observers deem that Facebook’s GlobalCoin will be some kind of ‘entry drug’ to those people. […]

Facebook Reveals Libra Website, Ripple Invests $50 mln. in MoneyGram & more

Facebook Reveals Libra Website, Whitepaper and Code Unexpectedly, Facebook has revealed the website, the  code for its new cryptocurrency. The website for an associated subsidiary, Calibra, that will ensure the separation of social and financial data was online for a few minutes too. Currently, the website only opens a half-baked website however. The project […]

Facebook Sells GlobalCoin Nodes to Big Players, Binance Closes Service In US & more

Binance Closes Its Service To US Customers Binance will block US customers from using its exchange. This will go into effect from September on. Two weeks prior, Binance DEX already announced that it will exclude customers from the US and 28 other countries from July on. It is likely that Binance made this decision in […]

Hackers Stole Almost $10,000,000 in XRP From GateHub & more

Hackers Stole Almost $10,000,000 in XRP From GateHub Hackers have stolen XRP with the value of almost $10,000,000 from GateHub wallets. Enej Pungercar, founder and CEO of GateHub, stated publicly that the website had been compromised. Around 100 wallets are concerned, according to him. Recent investigation from GateHub revealed that there had been an exploit […]

EOS Launches Social Media App ‘Voice’, Bitcoin Difficulty At ATH & more

EOS Launches Social Media App ‘Voice’ The firm behind EOS,, will launch a social media app. Voice focuses on content creation and real users. In its official announcement, says that the value circulates “into sustaining the community, not corporate bottom lines.” Other social media platforms would reap the rewards that the users create. […]

BBC: Facebook Will Release ‘GlobalCoin’ Q1 2020, Bitcoin Recovers Above $8K & more

BBC: Facebook Will Release ‘GlobalCoin’ in Q1 2o2o The BBC has revealed that Facebook will release its stablecoin by Q1 2020. The largest news network from the United Kingdom even cites the internal name for Facebook’s cryptocurrency: GlobalCoin. However, it remains unknown whether this will also be the definite name for the stablecoin. According to […]
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