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HTC Presented New Blockchain Smartphone, Will Ebay Enable Crypto Payments? & more

HTC Presented New Blockchain Smartphone HTC has announced the release of a new blockchain smartphone. Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer (DCO) of HTC, has presented it last Saturday on the Magical Crypto Conference in New York. A new feature of the successor of the EXODUS 1 is that it will be able to run a […]

Roundup – 23/10/2018 – HTC Early-Access Launch of Blockchain Smartphone – just a Hype? & more

Singapore funds Binance Subsidiary Singapore made a strategic investment in Binance. Vertex Ventures facilitates the funding, a company that is run by the administration of Singapore to invest in profitable and useful projects. The goal of the investment is to create Binance Singapore to enable Singaporean citizens to exchange Fiat-to-Crypto reliably. Ultimately, the goal of Binance […]