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RenVM Introduces Leading Crypto Assets To ETH & Its Ecosystem

Each virtual coin has its own set of features and functions. It is just common to see such traits appear in various ecosystems each time. It now seems that ETH could borrow certain liquidity from various ecosystems. RenVM main net is a product of Ren. This is a project that is concerned with creating a […]

Ethereum Co-Founder Sells 90,000 ETH

On Christmas day, Ethereum co-founder cashed out some of his ETH. He sold a total of 90,000 ETH from his wallet. The crypto investor stated that he would apply the funds for his “game”. However, it seems that he had more than 90,000 ETH in his wallet. The ETH co-founder still has a total of […]

BTC Price Hits $7,500 For Another Time, As ETH Value Adds Up

The price of Bitcoin is officially back at $7,500. At the moment, this leading crypto coin is trading around the price of $7,600. Ethereum has also risen by an incredible 3.5%. However, this price increment has not helped the coin to recover from its decline last week. The rest of the leading 20 virtual coins […]

Tech Analysis For EOS, ETH, And XRP

Most of the crypto coins have today seen a better start. Things were shaky back then, but they have since stabilized. Despite all that, there is still one pending worry. A move through the major levels could bring a clawback of the week’s heavy losses. Beginning With EOS On Saturday, this crypto coin dropped by […]

After Losing Consolidation, Ethereum Is Expected To Break Higher

For some time now, the price of Ethereum appears to be consolidating over $180 against the USD. As long as it is over $180, a strong upward move is expected at any moment. The Current Price Analysis For Ethereum The price of this virtual coin is currently trading at a wide range against Bitcoin and […]

Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: Bulls To Take Over In The Short-Run

In financial markets, cycles alternate between bear runs and rallies as investor’s activities change due to determining events. In the same perspective, the Crypto market also oscillates between bear and bull trends. This is because the market is maturing and the magnitude of volatility is reducing. Ethereum (ETH)/USD pair is also stabilizing and volatility is […]

$500 Incoming: ETH Price Action

While its big brother has taken a break, Ethereum has been one of the top performing crypto assets. It’s now the third consecutive day since. While the flagship currency has fallen back slightly, the fall has not been mirrored for the world second most popular currency. So, has Ethereum finally started to decouple? ETH Touches […]

It’s a buyers’ Market As Bearish Momentum Looms

In the last 36 hours, the Crypto market experienced a widespread bearish condition as most Digital Token pairs were trading in the red. Some of the Cryptos that hit weekly lows include BTC, ETH, and XRP that collectively dominate over 80% of the total market capitalization on Coinmarketcap data. This drop has been precipitated by […]

Ethereum – Stuck Underneath $300? Chances & Possibilities

Along with Bitcoin the chart of Ethereum dipped about 48 hours ago from now. While Bitcoin broke shortly through the $9000 level, Ethereum was on its way to $300. Many analysts and traders declared already two weeks ago that the Altcoin season was open. Right now people sound a bit less optimistic with Ethereum’s price […]

Roundup – 11/05/2019 – Binance Introduces Margin Trading, Ethereum Funds MolochDAO & more

Binance Introduces Margin Trading Binance will introduce margin trading. The exchange continues to move on after the recent hack and implements trends or sets them itself. The newest feature of Binance is margin trading. Changpeng Zhao revealed this news already during a live stream that was actually dedicated to the hack and its consequences. Now […]
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