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Roundup 14/01/2019 – 51% Attacker on ETC Networrk Returned $100,000 & more 51% Attacker Returned $100,000 in Ethereum Classic reported that the 51% attacker gave back its funds in Ethereum Classic that were stolen last week. The exchange reported that they tried to contact the attacker. But they have not received any answer as of now. In its press release, the exchange stated that the […]

Between 2018 And 2024, Blockchain Application In Energy Industry Will Surge By 78.2%

From a report published by Zion Market Research-a New York-based company that seeks to offer informative and up to date reports about industries- Blockchain technology in the energy industry will surge by 78.20% CAGR between 2018 and 2024. The report shows that as at 2018, DLT network in the crucial industry was valued at $208 […]

Cryptos Mining Power Emission To Be Harnessed For Energy Production

A Canadian company, Heatmine, is testing solutions of producing energy by harvesting heat from computers used for mining Cryptocurrencies. A large number of researchers have found out that mining of Cryptocurrencies generates and consumes an immense amount of heat that can indirectly contribute to global warming. This can occur when the demand from miners overwhelms […]

Siemens Is On A Mission To Develop A Blockchain Platform For The Energy Sector

Siemens is planning to adopt Blockchain technology to transform the energy sector. The end result is to provide power to consumers through distributed Ledger Technology solutions that guarantee efficiency, transparency, and independence. In addition to energy distribution management, Siemens will also be customizing Blockchain technology in modernizing power generation services that are currently grappling with […]