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Samsung Upgrades S10 SDK Software To Support BTC Functionality & More

Samsung Upgrades S10 SDK Software To Support BTC Functionality Samsung has upgraded the Samsung developer tool kit to incorporate the support of Bitcoin functionality. This application was deployed on the S10 range of phones and at the time, the software could only support ETH and ERC-20 Tokens. However, this has since changed and the users […]

Iran Is Using IBM Hyperledger Fabric To Develop A National Blockchain, Borna

The Informatics and Services Corporation (ISC) of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) is developing a national Blockchain platform on the IBM Hyperledger Fabric. Areatak, a Tehran-based Blockchain solutions provider is working with the CBI on the deal that is focusing on delivering a platform for the financial and banking sectors of the country. The […]

Roundup – 04/03/2019 – Bitcoin Fell Below $5000 Again & more

Bitcoin Fell Below $5000 Again The price of Bitcoin has plunged below $5000 again. Whether it was Brexit or an April Fool’s joke that triggered the recent bull run, the effect was bolstered by two clearly identifiable effects. 1. FOMO (fear of missing out): Media, social networks & forums all discussed the recent surge & […]

PayPal Invests In Cambridge Blockchain Startup Signaling DLT Adoption

PayPal, a prominent global online payment platform is investing in Cambridge Blockchain-a startup that enables financial institutions and other businesses to manage data on shared ledgers. According to the announcement, PayPal is now part of the funding round, a move that is touted as the first-ever investment that PayPal has made on DLT. Therefore, the […]

DLT Can Improve Manufacturing Productivity: Samsung SDS CEO

The President and CEO of Samsung SDS, Hong Yuan Zhen, is confident that Blockchain technology has the potential to improve productivity in manufacturing significantly. The CEO was speaking at the Boao Forum Annual Meeting for Asia 2019 according to a Sina Technology News report which is a South Korea media outlet. This forum is still […]

Paris Blockchain Week Shows That The French Are Warming Up

From April 13 to 19, the Paris Blockchain Week (PBW) will be convened in the French capital, Paris. It will be one of the most notable and most significant events that focus on Blockchain professionalism in and beyond the French-speaking country. Further, within the PBW, there will be a summit from April 16-17 that will […]

CAAO And SafeChain Partner In Exploring Opportunities Of DLT In Real Estate

The County Auditors’ Association of Ohio (CAAO) and SafeChain have liaised to explore risks and opportunities that Blockchain technology could proffer in the real estate industry. In particular, the auditors are aiming to kickstart a project that would develop and deploy a Distributed Ledger Technology-based platform for recording real estate transactions between parties in Ohio. […]

HSBC Conducts Blockchain-Based Forex Trade Worth $250bn In 2018

The HSBC Bank based in London has used Distributed Ledger Technology to complete Forex trading transactions worth over $250 billion. The report, therefore, shows that the London-based bank is a leader in adopting the emerging technology that is yet to be embraced on a large scale across industries in the world. The significance of this […]

Blockchain Technology Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In The Banking Industry

All over the world, banks are adopting or testing Blockchain-based systems. Banking experts believe that these institutions are leveraging on the many proven benefits of DLT that are already transforming other industries such as gaming, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, just to mention but a few. The Trend Started In 2008 The financial crisis of 2008 […]

Study: Blockchain Platforms Can Adhere To The New GDPR Rules

The European Union unveiled the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018. This is a set of rules that compels all companies that deal with personal data of any residents of Europe and the United Kingdom to adhere to certain regulations such as data security, privacy measures, and declaration by a company or […]
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