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Libra’s Boss Is Bullish On BTC

Bitcoin and the crypto market, as a whole, have had some troubles with Libra. Libra is a crypto project belonging to social media guru, Facebook, and is supposed to launch next year. There are some people who have even suggested that tech firms would be well off using BTC as opposed to coming up with […]

Calibra Is Thinking Of Audits For Protection Of Data

David Marcus is the Chief Executive Officer for Calibra crypto wallet. He recently spoke at the Dealbook Conference organized by the New York Times held in New York City. While there, he discussed the international regulatory scrutiny the virtual currency is facing at the moment. Calibra Now Thinks Of An Auditor For Personal Data Practices […]

Libra Crypto Debacle; Zuckerberg To Testify In A Few Hours

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to face a tough test in a few hours as he is set to testify before a House panel on Libra publicly. He will be speaking on his company’s effort in launching the controversial global currency. His testimony will be his first since he appeared again before congress to […]

It’s Official! Facebook Finally Announces Its ‘Libra’ Token

For months, the world has held its breath as news of the Facebook Coin made rounds in media channels. Amid the excitement, there was an air of uncertainty as Facebook had not officially announced that it was developing its own Token. The suspense is now over as Facebook has officially announced the development of its […]

Facebook Is Developing Its Native Token

Facebook is creating its own native Token that will be used on WhatsApp to facilitate cross-border payments. The new Facebook Cryptocurrency is expected to transform social media by allowing users to participate in financial transactions. Meanwhile, the popularity of Cryptocurrencies is growing as more people are recognizing the importance of Digital Tokens in real-life situations. […]

Facebook Acquires Blockchain Based Start-Up

As its first official purchase within the Blockchain sphere, social media giant Facebook has acquired Chainspace according to reports made by Cheddar on the 4th of February. Facebook Acquires Chainspace In An Acquihire According to Cheddar, sources have intimated that the social media giant purchased the Blockchain start-up Chainspace through an acquihire. An acquihire is the […]