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Ripple Price Could Surge, As BTC Breaks The $10,500 Resistance & more

Ripple Price Could Surge, As BTC Breaks The $10,500 Resistance Ripple could rise above its usual resistance level of $0.3200 because it was able to break this resistance a few days ago. It had traded below its support level of $0.2900 for some time and had dropped to $0.2850. Its recent surge to over $0.3200 […]

Observation: Cryptos Are Becoming Digital Representations Of Real Estate Assets

The real estate industry is one of the most valuable sectors of the global economy. Most properties are expensively valued starting from a small-sized family home to a super tall multi-story mixed-use suburban development. An observation is being made by Carmen Benitez, the managing director and president of Fetch Plus, Inc-a global tech company that […]

H&M Distributors Are Now Accepting Payments in Cryptos

H&M Distributors are starting to accept Cryptocurrency payments. Digital Assets that will be supported in the new deal include LTC, BDC, BCH, BTC, and other Cryptos. The American company attributes fundamental properties of Digital Tokens such as ease of converting to USD and faster settlement times as the key reason behind the move. About H&M […] Study Poll Shows That Buyers Want Cryptos on Amazon

Amazon online shopping platform has been transforming lives to such an extent that it has propelled Jeff Bezos, the CEO, to be one of the richest people on earth. However, it has been falling short of satisfying all the needs of its users. According to a study by the, some users want to be […]

Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies In Africa To Improve If Banks And Governments Show Support

North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania are on the run to adopting Cryptocurrencies. However, conspicuously missing on the list is the second most populated continent on earth with 1.2 billion people, Africa. This is raising concerns in some quarters that the region may be left behind in reaping from yet another global technology […]

Making Blockchain And Cryptos Appealing To All

According to a January 1 op-ed by Andy Bromberg on the Wall Street Journal, Cryptocurrencies have been embraced by Blockchain developers. These are experts whose main task is to build new Blockchain networks for real-life use cases in traditional industries such as finance, banking, etc. They use Blockchain technologies such as Stellar, IOST, Ripple, Stellar, Komodo, […]


Coingrid is an upcoming Cryptocurrency exchange platform that is poised to offer Crypto-fiat transactions at real-time conversion rates. It is dubbed as a secure, high performing and reliable trading network. The New Zealand-based network has a user-friendly interface with easy to read but detailed charts that are comprehensive to both experienced and beginner traders. The network […]

Bitcoin Investors To Be Given A Tax Cut In France

Based on a recent report published on a French news site, Assemblée Nationale, which is the lower house of parliament in France is committed to introducing a tax cut for Bitcoin investors. It has backed an earlier proposal from its finance commission that would bring the taxes associated with Bitcoin gains in line with taxes […]

Crypto Assets Have Gained $6.4 billion Because Of Hedge Funds And Venture Capital Initiatives

Over the last two years, Cryptocurrencies have been able to gain an additional $6.4 billions as part of the aggregate Crypto markets’ capitalization due to the participation of hedge funds and venture capital operations. This report is according to Morgan Stanley- a leading American Bank. In 2018 alone, the impact of these firms has resulted into […]

Are Self-Regulatory Organizations The Answer To Formalize Cryptos?

Cryptocurrency firms have been coming together and forming self-regulatory organizations (SRO). These entities aim to enhance ethical individual governance in Crypto firms. In some quarters, the SROs are deemed to be the answer to reducing government regulation of Cryptos. Regulating Crypto’s Is Necessary Although Cryptos are less volatile in 2018 than their peak volatility of […]
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