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Cryptocurrency Regulations Crucial To The Success Of The Coins

In 2009, Cryptocurrencies started just a means of exchange and paying for products and services. The technology has been growing exponentially since then and the global token economy is now within reach. However, most governments around the world have been struggling to identify how to handle the new currencies. Although only a few regions have […]

A South Korean Province To Issue Own Cryptocurrency

The use and popularity of Cryptocurrency in South Korea reached a new level after a province in the eastern part of the country announced it will be replacing the local currency with their own virtual currency. Moreover, the region also revealed it will establish an exchange that will be used in the nine cities in […]

Chinese Lead In Investment In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain In The US

TechCrunch has reported that Chinese investors continue to lead Crypto funding in America and other countries. For a long time, Chinese investment houses in Silicon Valley have mainly been overlooked as they lack publicity and trust. The emergence of blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency has given Chinese investors a new lifeline. Although investment in Cryptocurrency and […]

A Report Claims North Korea Could Be Trying To Embrace Cryptocurrency

A South Korean news outlet has reported that Korea Development Bank (KDB) believes that North Korea has been trying to venture into Crypto space. The state-run bank carried out a research and established that Pyongyang has been engaging in Crypto mining while a local company is developing a Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Despite the North Korean government […]

Apple Co-Founder Likens Cryptocurrency To Internet In The Early Years

In a recent interview, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Woz) said he would participate in a Crypto startup. At the same time, he talked about the virtual currencies and why he is eager about their potential in the future. He compares the Crypto world to the internet in its early years. Apple’s Wozniak Has Never Seen […]

Kubitx Crypto Exchange To Launch In Africa

KuBitX is planning to get a share of the African Crypto market when it launches in September 2018. The founders of the new Cryptocurrency exchange believe that they have what it takes to enter the African market. They are optimistic that their in-depth knowledge of the region will give act as an added advantage and […]

Coinbase To Patent A New Technology To Boost Security

In an attempt to boost the security of its system and customers, Coinbase has a filed a patent that includes a technology that will enhance the security for Cryptocurrency wallets. The company submitted the patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on August 14, 2018. The new security feature will allow users […]

Japan Witnesses Tremendous Growth Of The Cryptocurrency Market; Mining Plans And Tokens

Three major Japanese public firms have made some major announcements in regards to their Cryptocurrency trading. These three companies; Forside, Line Corp, and Fasteps have made tremendous improvements in as far as Cryptocurrency operations are concerned. Forside, for instance, has seriously improved its mining operations with plans to have 7nm mining rigs of Bitcoin sold. On […]

Thailand Allows Seven Crypto Firms To Operate

Thailand has made major strides in regulating the Cryptocurrency sector in the country, with the regulator, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) releasing the names of the seven companies that have been allowed to operate. They include five Cryptocurrency exchanges and two virtual currency dealers. The regulator has also revealed that they are currently […]

Turkish Citizens Turn To Cryptocurrencies In The Wake Of American Sanctions

The demand for  Bitcoin in Turkey has risen significantly, leading to an increase in its price against the Lira (Turkey’s currency). Currently, the Cryptocurrency has reached a seven month high against the currency. The relationship between Turkey and its longtime ally, the U.S. has deteriorated and Washington has already slapped the country with economic sanctions. […]
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