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SEC Ease Up To Companies That Agree to Cooperate

Over the last three years, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has been working on regulations to streamline the cryptocurrency industry. These regulations are mainly meant to protect cryptocurrency users from risks associated with cryptocurrencies such as phishing attempts. Good News for Cryptocurrency Companies in the United States A new report shows that SEO […]

Cryptocurrency Market Volumes Surges Ahead Of A Rally

Cryptocurrency prices are steadily retracing after a prolonged period of a devastating bearish cycle. Despite the steady retraction, daily volumes have spiked to a level last recorded in April 2018. This is an indicator that more investors are participating in the Digital Token market and a widespread market rally is about to break out. Crypto […]

South Africa Ranked Top For Crypto Ownership

South Africa has been rated as the leading country for crypto ownership. . This is according to an international survey carried out recently. The survey was conducted by Wearesocial, an international agency, and Hootsuite, a management company for social media. According to the study, 10.7% of internet users in South Africa own virtual coins. South […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Holds Steady At $3,400 For The Time Being

Bitcoin price has been holding steady at the support level of $3,400 for the last couple of days. On the other hand, the resistance level has been established at $3,500. This is a very narrow range and experts are divided about the timeframe of the scenario. It is very unclear whether the chances of a […]

UK’s FCA To Hold Consultative Sessions To Deliberate On Cryptocurrencies

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom is planning to hold series of sessions that will deliberate on Cryptocurrency regulation. To the excitement of the Cryptocurrency community, the FCA is recognizing the implications of Digital Tokens in the UK economy and these deliberative sessions will shed light on what activities need to be […]

Vontobel Bank Delves In The Crypto Custody Business

Vontobel Bank in Switzerland will from now onwards be offering Cryptocurrency custody services. The organization is an investments and asset management bank with a large client base and its new product will have far-reaching positive impacts. This banking product has been unveiled with the aim of serving the local Crypto market that has been expanding […]

Global Economic Map To Change By 2030, What It Means For Crypto Markets

By Nominal GDP, the USA is the largest economy in the world as at Q1 2019 with $19.39 trillion. China comes at a distant second with $12.01 trillion. Japan, Germany, and the UK follow with $4.87 trillion, $3.68, and $2.62 trillion respectively according to data from the World Bank. Data from the Standard Chartered Plc., […]

Bitcoin Breaks The $4,000 Level Of Resistance

Bitcoin investors and the entire Cryptocurrency market is optimistic of a better 2019 following the breaking of BTC level of resistance that had been set at $4,000. Although in the last 24 hours BTC has shed off 0.14% of its value, it is still a piece of welcome news that the price is at the […]

The Bear Cycle Is Not Stopping Crypto Creditors From Earning Big

Cryptocurrency credit firms are registering booming business following an increase in demand for their services. Despite the Bear cycle, the lenders to Cryptocurrency investors have been able to benefit from institutional and retail investors demand. In the first case, institutions are becoming increasingly interested in Digital assets for short selling and other purposes. In the […]

Gaming To Influence Cryptocurrency Growth In 2019

Game streaming is one of the larger global industries. Although it is often overlooked by policymakers or experts in the Cryptocurrency space, it generates over $130 billion per annum. It is important to note that gaming is ahead of its peers such as the global movie industry at $40.6 billion and music at $17.3 billion. […]
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