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China’s Cryptocurrency Progressing Well, With No Launch Date

China is planning to create a sovereign cryptocurrency in 2020. The central bank of China stated that it would continue with its development and research into the creation of the crypto coin. However, it did not say when the coin might be launched. Smooth Progress So Far Last week, the People’s Bank of China had […]

The Cryptocurrency Market Update

In Asia, Bitcoin managed to break to new multi-month lows. The downside bias was still retained by the altcoins. This followed the lead of the first virtual coin. The Crypto Market In General During the early trading hours, the crypto market resumed the sell-off session. This followed a brief consolidation that was witnessed over the […]

Bits Blockchain Review

Bits Blockchain is a Chinese exchange that allows people to purchase, sell, and trade virtual currencies. Since its inception in 2017, the exchange has allowed many people from around the world to participate in altcoin trade. The exchange is not hostile towards US investors. In fact, it could be one of the best virtual currency […]

Do You Have Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Skills, NASA Is Looking For You

Job openings calling for Blockchain experts are now becoming common. This is because companies are increasingly looking for DLT experts to build customized Distributed platforms for their services. Additionally, as an emerging skill, the demand for experts by far outweigh the supply unlike other traditional competencies such as banking, law, and accounting. Consequently, Blockchain experts […]

North Korea Is Launching Its Cryptocurrency

India is planning to launch its Lakshmi Cryptocurrency. Other similar national projects are being undertaken in China by the People’s Bank of China as well as in Venezuela by the Banco De Venezuela. On a global front, many central banks are mulling with the idea and in the future, the world economy could see more […]

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets & More

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets Since February 2019, Bitcoin’s first positive month in a long time, Bitcoin has gained more than twice of its last quarter of 2018 value. However, the last several days has seen Bitcoin price experiencing a few corrections here and there. But this hasn’t broken investor’s […]

Native Tokens Owned By Crypto Exchanges Could Surpass Bitcoin

The native tokens of cryptocurrency exchanges may soon work as a great alternative to both virtual coins and the world reserve currencies. As one of the leading business tools, the trading platforms have a tendency of staking on their own tokens. This, in turn, will increase their benefit for the investors, especially the large organization […]

Leading Banks In a Joint Effort To Create A Crypto for Overseas Money Transfers

According to the Nikkei Asian Review for June 3, 14 major financial services providers in the banking sector are in a partnership to develop a Cryptocurrency for overseas money transfers. Led by UBS Group AG which is a Swiss multinational investment bank, the Cryptocurrency that is set to be modeled after Bitcoin will be ideal […]

Egypt Allow Licensed Crypto Companies to Operate in the Country

Apart from the historical pyramids, Egypt is also known to have stringent financial regulations that make it difficult for cryptocurrency companies to do business in the country. Being one of the leading tourist destinations in the country, millions of tourists visit and it would be great if the country would allow them to pay for […]

SEC Ease Up To Companies That Agree to Cooperate

Over the last three years, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has been working on regulations to streamline the cryptocurrency industry. These regulations are mainly meant to protect cryptocurrency users from risks associated with cryptocurrencies such as phishing attempts. Good News for Cryptocurrency Companies in the United States A new report shows that SEO […]
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