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Blockchain Firms To Lobby The Government For Favorable Policies

A group called Securing America’s Internet of Value Coalition (SAIVC) has announced that it will be paying lobbyists to lobby for Cryptos in the US Capitol Hill in Washington DC. These advocators will be rallying and advocating for the interests of Cryptocurrencies to the government. They will be the voice of Digital Assets developers, Investors, […]

Why Crypto has become of National Interest in Switzerland

The economy minister of Switzerland has called his country a ‘crypto nation’ and set out the goal to become the ‘blockchain capital of the world’. To support and host the emerging crypto and blockchain sector has become of national interest in Switzerland. To understand this decision we have to understand the role of the Swiss […]

Crypto Trading Might Increase By 50% In 2019

A research by Statis Group projects that Crypto markets will have a 50% increase in trading activity by 2019. In other words, Crypto enthusiasts are projected to increase. Additionally, current investors are expected to increase their trading activities. The Bearish Trends Of 2018 Will Not Have A Negative Impact The From the beginning of 2018, […]

Binance Charity Foundation And UNDP Form A Partnership For Social Services

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is collaborating with the Charity Foundation of Binance to explore the benefits of Blockchain technology in social projects. The partnership is designed to find solutions that can enable UNDP to roll out its agenda. Details Of the Partnership Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation donated $1 million towards UNDP projects. The […]

Is This The Optimal Time To Invest In Bitcoin?

From the second week of the month, Bitcoin has been on a volatile upward trajectory amid a bullish Crypto market. In the Asian markets, BTC price started at a high of $6,688. The new price represents a marginal decline from the previous week’s closing price of over $6,780 on Friday. Technical Analysis Indicates A Downward […]

Binance Is On An Expansion Mission To Five Continents

The Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, reveals that Binance will expand to five continents in a bit to bring their services closer to people. The firm will carry out this ambitious plan by opening crypto exchanges in strategic locations. Further, the CEO reveals that the number of the centers will range from ten to at least […]

Goldman Sachs CFO Calls The Suspension Of The Crypto Trading Desk “Fake News”

Days after news hit the media about the suspension of a Crypto trading desk by Goldman Sachs, the CFO has come out to refute the news terming it as “Fake News.” The Goldman Sachs trading desk was designed to offer over the counter crypto trading services that have the potential to make Cryptocurrencies available on […]

EU Likely to Tighten Crypto Regulations

Finance Ministers, from the 27 European Union members countries will be looking at Cryptocurrencies and some of the regulatory difficulties that they present. Among other issues, the ministers are planning to discuss is Crypto regulation. More specifically, they will be considering whether to tighten Crypto regulation in the bloc. Other countries such as the US […]

Russia Opens It’s Largest Crypto Mining Farm In Leningrad

The Leningrad Region is now home to the largest Crypto mining farm in Russia. Reports from the regional government say that the farm sits in an area of about 4,000 square meters and has over 3,000 pieces of mining tools. The availability of engineering sites and low electricity prices are among the factors that have […]

Huobi And Its Partners Expand To New Markets

Huobi, a Chinese exchange has revealed that, together with its partners, they will open Crypto exchanges in five countries. The five countries are Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan, Russian and the Philippines. It has also been revealed that the partners share Huobi’s clearing systems, asset management system, wallet and order integration asset. The move will see the […]
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