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Ripple (XRP) Holds Steady At $0.3 Mark In A Volatile Market

XRP has steadily gained over the last 30 days and has broken the $0.3 level of resistance. This means that the recent gains have been piling up and there has not been a major retraction that usually characterizes short term gains in Crypto markets. From the last 7 days, trends indicate the Token is on an […]

The Next Crypto Market Bull Run May Be Powered By Low Mortgage Rates

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, banks are set to reorganize how they issue mortgage loans. This is because Libor rates are on a decline as banks are lending to each other on lower costs. This means that inter-bank confidence and trust and also there is an overflow of funds which makes […]

Ripple’s (XRP) Breakout In The Offing After Prolonged Selloff Pressures

Ripple (XRP) is about to breakout beyond its level of resistance after weeks of a downward trend. This has affected price performance as XRP has been having selloff pressures resulting in a downward triangle. This has been ongoing from the 24th November 2018- when the Bitcoin Cash hard fork wars plunged the market into a […]

Responsible Crypto Trading In 2019; The Dos And Don’ts

According to some skeptics, cryptocurrencies is the biggest bubble to exist in the world. We know better. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency just celebrated its 10th birthday and we have been following the charts. Over and over we have encountered the doubting Thomas’s who have been quick to predict crypto’s downfall once they see a red […]

Ledger Unveils A Mobile Phone App

A French firm that develops the Ledger Crypto hardware wallet is launching a mobile app. The aim of the software is to facilitate connectivity between the Ledger Nano X wallets and users’ smartphones. The application will be linking to the cold wallet via wireless Bluetooth. The practice of linking hardware wallet with a mobile phone […]

Fidelity Assets Digital To Launch In March

According to reports made by Bloomberg, three sources have confirmed that Fidelity Investments will be launching its Bitcoin custody service this coming March. Fidelity Investments Delving Into The Crypto Sector The company announced through a statement that it is currently providing the service to a select few eligible clients as it continues to develop its […]

2018 Big Lessons For Crypto Taxation

2018 was a year to forget. It’s the toughest year for cryptocurrencies yet. All the regulations and negative news concerning the digital currencies did no help. On the contrary, it pedalled the diving prices and let to the total market capitalization falling from over $800 billion to $100 billion in 12 months. This has led […]

LSE’s Trade Matching Technology To Be Embraced By An Upcoming Crypto Exchange

The trade matching technology that the London Stock Exchange platform uses will be adopted by an upcoming Cryptocurrency exchange platform. The new network that is being launched in Hong Kong is set to be live in the course of the first half of 2019 and is expected to be a game changer in the Digital […]

European Banking Authority Calls For Unified Cryptocurrency Regulation

The European Banking Authority (EBA) is calling for a common approach in Cryptocurrency regulation. The EBA decries the fact that most European countries are crafting policies that are specific to their countries. This is creating confusion as the new regulations are becoming too diverse and going against the spirit of a seamlessly connected European Economic […]

DX Exchange Goes Live In Europe

The revolutionary DX exchange has been unveiled on Monday 7th January 2019 at 14: 30 UTC. This new Crypto exchange has offices in Estonia and Israel and, therefore, falls under the oversight of authorities in the European Union and Israel. This Crypto exchange is proffering immense opportunities to the Cryptocurrency industry as for the first […]
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