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Binance To Donate All Listing Fees To Charity

Binance has announced that it will be making its listing fees public and as of 8th October, all the listing fees will be going to charity. A Clarification On Listing Fees Rumors Binance which currently stands as the largest crypto exchange in the world by trading volume is sure to receive much attention on account […]

Bitfinex Refutes Insolvency Claims

Bitfinex, a Crypto exchange based in Hong Kong, has denied claims making rounds within the Crypto community that it is currently insolvent. It has refuted these claims by disclosing wallet addresses which seem to show that the Crypto exchange has Crypto assets amounting to more than 1.5 billion dollars. Proof Of Solvency The firm stated […]

Raising The Awareness Of Cyber Jacking

In August of last year, the US National Security Agency (NSA) was hacked by a dark web group calling themselves Shadow Brokers. The criminals accessed hacking tools and leaked them online. Cybercriminals then started using them to access private computers giving rise to a new crime referred to as Crypto jacking. This is a technique […]

Blocktrade.Com To Become The First Fully Regulated Crypto Exchange

Blocktrade.com has overcome one of the biggest hurdles experienced by most Crypto exchanges; getting full regulatory clearance. The Liechtenstein based exchange is now preparing to serve the Cryptocurrency customers in Europe after obtaining certification from the Financial Markets Authority. Crypto users will be more than happy dealing with a licensed exchange as they will feel […]

IDAP: A Crypto Derivatives Exchange

What is IDAP? IDAP stands for International Digital Asset Platform. This platform has a goal of offering a dynamic crypto derivatives trading platform. With IDAP, traders will be able to trade calendar and butterfly spreads, futures, options, swaps, and standard cryptocurrencies. Essentially, IDAP wants to make it easy for cryptocurrency investors to trade not only […]

Bitbose: The Future of Crypto Investments

Bitbose is an advanced trading platform built on blockchain technology. The goal of Bitbose is to make it simpler to make cryptocurrency investments and to generate passive income with advanced trading methods. With Bitbose, investors have access to a number of different investing options including smart portfolio management, crypto/fiat loans, and BOSE coin mining. Essentially, […]

INGOT COIN: An Incredibly Versatile Trading Tool

What is INGOT Coin? INGOT Coin is a revolutionary platform which will integrate a cryptocurrency wallet, a digital bank, a brokerage, a crypto exchange, an ICO accelerator, and a certifier all in one. Ingot Coin aims to remove a lot of the friction that investors experience when transitioning from crypto to normal financial instruments. It […]

Chinese Crypto Exchange FCoin Behind Clog in Ethereum Network

Recently, the transactions that have gone through on the Ethereum network have increased in price. The rise in transaction fees has gone up more than three USD—from .20 to an average of $3.50 per transaction. What Caused the Rise? Not long after the rise, MyCrypto took to Twitter to place blame on one of the […]