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Roundup – 18/03/2019 – CitiGroup Cancels Plans for Citicoin & more

CitiGroup Cancels Plans for Citicoin JPM Coin has a predecessor the Citicoin. The former does not yet exist and the latter will not exist. This is what Gulru Atak, Citi’s current innovation lab chief told CoinDesk. According to her, the technology behind cryptocurrencies look promising but the bank prefers to innovate within the existing system. […]

Colorado Digital Token Act Seeks To Exempt Cryptos From Securities Law

The US Government agencies such as the SEC and the CFTF have been creating laws and avenues of regulating Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Securities laws are prominent in this endeavor and that is about to be subject to a new law that is being filed in the state of Colorado titled as “Colorado Digital Token […]