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Coinbase Stores A Total Of 966,230 BTC In The Cold Wallet

Recent reports indicate that Coinbase has a total of 966,230 Bitcoin stored in its main cold wallet. Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe. Over time, the exchange has gradually become like a bank. At the moment, Coinbase keeps a high number of deposited cryptocurrency assets. More Than $7 Billion Of […]

Volumes On Kraken And Coinbase Are Clean, BTI Confirms

Crypto trading platforms operate in the Wild West. However, governments through their respective agencies such as the US CFTC, IRA, and the Bank of England, the SEC, and more are increasingly enacting policies to tame the spiraling problem. In the same perspective, the industry is also innovating solutions for checking the problem. One of the […]

France’s Dominos Pizza Rewarding Customers Using BTC & More

France’s Dominos Pizza Is Rewarding Customers With Bitcoin As the world turns itself upside down trying to find ways to please its customers, France’s domino’s pizza has found the perfect way; a bitcoin loyalty program for its esteemed customers. The award-winning fast food joint has pledged to dish out bitcoin worth over 100,000 euros. The […]

Dash Goes Live On Coinbase On Monday, September 16th

One of the world’s most popular, Dash, has been listed on Coinbase Pro on Monday, September 16th. This is the latest addition of a new Crypto market pair on the second-largest Crypto trading platform with over 30 million users. Historically, the listing of new Virtual Assets on Crypto markets creates bullish conditions leading to price […]

Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System & More

Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System MasterCard and R3 are partnering to build a decentralized payment system for cross border payments. The platform which is powered by the R3 corda blockchain will be a milestone in the digitization of the finance industry. The project guarantees MasterCard a place in the fast paced […]

Bitcoin Is Bullish Amidst Coinbase And Ripple Tumble On LinkedIn’s Chart

Top 10 U.S. startups list for 2019 is a ranking model that measures the preference of emerging US companies. In 2018, leading players in the Cryptocurrency economy put up a strong show signifying the importance of Crypto in the futuristic digital economy model. However, in 2019, Coinbase and Ripple, which are the top performers on […]

100 Japanese Manufacturers Join Blockchain Project to Share Production Information & more

100 Japanese Manufacturers Join Blockchain Project to Share Production Information Over 100 Japanese manufacturers will use a blockchain to share production information with each other. The project mainly focuses on technology and machine manufacturers. Among the partners are big players like Mitsubishi Electric and Yasakawa Electric as asia.nikkei reports. Entering the partnership, all participants can […]

Tron Community Urge Coinbase To List TRX As The Expensive Buffet Nears

The Tron Community is intensely appealing to Coinbase to List TRX which is the native Token of the Tron Blockchain. These calls are coinciding with reports that are suggesting that Binance is about to lock out US-based traders from accessing certain Altcoins that could include TRX with effect from September 2019. Further, the appeals are […]

Learning About EOS IS Worth $10 On Coinbase

With effect from Sunday (June 2, 2019), users of Coinbase will be able to scoop $10 worth of Free EOS Tokens after learning about the Blockchain and its Token. Users will be learning about the underlying EOSIO Blockchain whose native EOS Token is emerging as one of the leading Cryptos on the market. The reward […]

Only 1.3% Use Crypto As Currency & more

Chainanalysis: Only 1.3% Use Crypto as Currency The blockchain analysis company has recently reported that only a minority of cryptocurrency users really use it as cash. That is to buy or sell services and goods with it. Only 1.38% of all users use it in that way. The primary use remains trading or speculating with […]
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