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Roundup – 14/02/2019 – Redditor Proofs Misappropriation of QuadrigaCX Funds? & more

Redditor Identifies 5 Cold Wallet Addresses of QuadrigaCX – Proof of Misappropriation? A redditor called u/dekoze has supposedly identified some of the cold wallets that belong to the exchange QuadrigaCX. The user could confirm that all 5 of the addresses indicated received BTC funds from the address “3N8auHdN9rtmHDHqNnXK4eWhfukBAQcve1”. The address that Jennifer Robertson, the wife of […]

Roundup – 22/01/19 – Dutch Central Bank Devises Plan to Licence Crypto Exchanges & more

Dutch Central Bank Devises Plan to Licence Crypto Exchanges The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has devised a new approach to cryptocurrencies. According to DNB, cryptocurrencies are means that bear a high-financial crime risk. Therefore, the government should give exchanges official licences if they meet the required regulations. The strict application of AML/CFT regulations is seen […]

Chinese Firms Lead In Blockchain And AI Innovation

A survey by UHY Hacker Young reveals that Chinese firms filed the most patents for Blockchain and AI with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The data is for the year 2017 but nonetheless, still illustrates the prevalence of Blockchain and AI in certain countries before and after 2017. It is important to consider that China’s […]

Global Economic Map To Change By 2030, What It Means For Crypto Markets

By Nominal GDP, the USA is the largest economy in the world as at Q1 2019 with $19.39 trillion. China comes at a distant second with $12.01 trillion. Japan, Germany, and the UK follow with $4.87 trillion, $3.68, and $2.62 trillion respectively according to data from the World Bank. Data from the Standard Chartered Plc., […]

Roundup – 02/01/2019 – Hacker Group TheDarkOverlord Retrieved 9/11 Documents

Hacker Group TheDarkOverlord Retrieved 9/11 Documents The Hackergroup, TheDarkOverLord, has threatened to release secret documents on 9/11 if not paid a ransom. The documents are from the insurance company Hiscox Group. The management of which has already confirmed that hackers gained access to the servers of a law firm that advised Hiscox. The partner company […]

Roundup – 18/12/2019 – Blockstream Expands Sattelite Service to Asia-Pacific Region & more

Blockstream Expands Sattelite Service to Asia-Pacific Region Bitcoin Users in Africa, America and Europe could use the Lightning Network without having access to the internet since August 2017. Back then, Blockstream launched its satellite service. Now the service has expanded to the Asia-Pacific region. The service is aimed at emerging markets where access to the […]

Roundup – 20/11/2018 – Huobi Created Communist Committee & more

Huobi Created Communist Committee Huobi has created a Communist Committee within its company. This move is mandatory for state-owned enterprises. However, other major companies like Tencent and Alibaba have taken similar steps before. China positively regulates the use and application of blockchains but it forbade the trade of cryptocurrencies earlier this year. Huobi reacted by […]

Roundup – 26/10/2018 – Chinese Court Classifies Crypto as Economic Property & more

Chinese court rules owning and transacting cryptocurrencies is legally protected The Shenzhen Court, an arbitration court in China decided that transacting and owning cryptocurrencies is protected by law. The court ruled (Chinese)  that cryptocurrencies have the legal status of economic property. Therefore, the government cannot rule to forbid the trade of cryptocurrencies. However, the People’s Bank […]

Roundup 10/10/2018 – Chinese interest to attack Bitcoin? Twitch stream: 51%-Attack on Einsteinium & more

Researchers warn of Chinese interest to attack Bitcoin According to three blockchain researchers, China has a strong interest and the power to conduct attacks on Bitcoin. In their paper, they show how the functionality of Bitcoin links to China’s domestic policy. According to them, China has a strong interest in manipulating Bitcoin. As large parts […]

Jack Ma On Blockchain And Manufacturing Industry

During the World AI Conference 2018, the co-founder of Alibaba who is also its chairman said that Blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things) are all of no use if they do not target the manufacturing industry. The e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba has been valued at $414 billion. Why The Manufacturing Industry In his […]
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