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China’s PBoC Announces National Crypto To Counter Libra & More

China’s PBoC Announces National Crypto To Counter Libra Since mid June when Facebook announced details of its own digital currency project, China has viewed development of its own cryptocurrency with new urgency. During the China Finance 40 Forum convention held in Yichun Heilongjiang, the People’s Bank of China announced that a national cryptocurrency is ready […]

Giant Chinese Crypto Mining Company Becomes The First To File The US IPO

Canaan Creative is one of the leading bitcoin mining firms in China. It has been reported that this giant BTC mining stable has filed a request for an Initial Public Offering with the regulators from the United States. It has been reported that the mining firm has spent a total of $200 million just for […]

Fresh BTC Upward Trend May Begin In September & More

Fresh BTC Upward trend May Begin In September Currently, BTC price is trading at close to 4% at its price of $10,030. Market analysts are on the opinion that the selling pressure extension brought by the markets several days ago could make BTC’s price to plummet down to around $7,000. However, it appears this same […]

China Should Issue Its Own Libra, Suggests Huawei CEO

The long-awaited Facebook’s Libra launch finally came to pass after several months of waiting. But there is one thing that it reminded people about this fast growing crypto market. Everybody is now taking note of this budding market. One of the prominent persons who have had something to say about what is currently happening in […]

China’s Crackdown On Illegal Crypto Mining Could Trigger A Bitcoin Price Rally & more

China’s Crackdown On Illegal Crypto Mining Could Trigger A Bitcoin Price Rally China plays a vital role in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. In May alone, it accounted for about 80% of all the Bitcoins mined globally. From centralized mining operations to cheap electricity, the country has many advantages that favor Bitcoin mining. All these factors […]

China’s Crackdown On Illegal Crypto Mining Could Trigger A Bitcoin Price Rally

Large-scale Bitcoin miners with zero electricity costs are among those people crypto hodlers should really fear. This is because these miners’ break-even point is so low it can easily depress Bitcoin price’s fair market value and as a result, dash the asset’s 7-figure ambitions. This week alone, Chinese police busted a Bitcoin miners’ gang reported […]

Chinese Media: ‘Bitcoin Is A Safe Haven’

Chinese media have reported repeatedly very positive about Bitcoin. This includes private and state-owned media alike. Although it is a very volatile asset, many news agencies mention that Bitcoin has a ‚store of value‘ or ‚safe haven‘ quality. China’s Stance On Cryptocurrencies In the past, China had a skeptical attiture towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in […]

Buying Bitcoin in 2019? – What You Need to Know

Looking Back: Where are we now? With breaking the $6.000 level, Bitcoin left the recent bear market which the media called the “crypto winter”. At around 3500 Bitcoin has formed a bottom for now. This is about where the 200 weekly MA was. A trend line that is important for institutinal investors. Since that time, […]

Roundup – 24/04/2019 – Vitalik Buterin Suggested Raising Staking Reward on Ethereum & more

Vitalik Buterin Suggested Raising Staking Reward on Ethereum The founder of Ethereum proposed on Github to raise the reward for staking on Ethereum. Staking is a part of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) concept. An alternative to the standard transaction validation process Proof-of-Work. In PoS the so-called stakers receive a reward for depositing Ethereum, the stake. A […]

Roundup – 23/04/2019 – First Blockchain Notary in China & more

First Blockchain Notary in China The blockchain notary CITIC has opened its business in Peking last Friday. CITIC is the first notary office in China that relies on the blockchain to conduct notarial acts. There are many advantages over notarial acts on paper or in digital form. The blockchain is more accessible, cheaper and stable. […]
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