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Calibra Is Thinking Of Audits For Protection Of Data

David Marcus is the Chief Executive Officer for Calibra crypto wallet. He recently spoke at the Dealbook Conference organized by the New York Times held in New York City. While there, he discussed the international regulatory scrutiny the virtual currency is facing at the moment. Calibra Now Thinks Of An Auditor For Personal Data Practices […]

Facebook Is Recruiting More Blockchain Engineers

Facebook is seeking to hire over 30 professionals within the Blockchain sector to boost its Blockchain centered projects, including the Libra digital currency. Facebook Recruiting Blockchain And Regulatory Experts According to the career section in the social media giant’s website, there are 31 job openings in the company requiring expertise in Blockchain technology. Six of […]

Multi-Currency Backed? – These Are the Problems that Facebook’s Libra Coin Will Face

The impact of Facebook’s GlobalCoin on the crypto space is widely regarded to become a positive one. First of all, because it will bring new people to the crypto space that had previously barely any exposure to the subject. Many observers deem that Facebook’s GlobalCoin will be some kind of ‘entry drug’ to those people. […]

Facebook Reveals Libra Website, Ripple Invests $50 mln. in MoneyGram & more

  • By Micha Sprick
  • June 18, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Facebook Reveals Libra Website, Whitepaper and Code Unexpectedly, Facebook has revealed the website, the  code for its new cryptocurrency. The website for an associated subsidiary, Calibra, that will ensure the separation of social and financial data was online for a few minutes too. Currently, the website only opens a half-baked website however. The project […]